There are probably dozens if not hundreds of recruiters in the market you’re working in. They could be locally based or calling in from overseas. They could be internal recruiters or third-party agency staffers. Recruiting is a tough job; you’re competing for candidates against teams of recruiters that may have as much or more experience than you do. How can you win against these challenges? 

We have five tips to help you differentiate yourself in ways that will help you earn the trust of candidates. Here’s what you need to know. 

Tip #1 Focus on a Few Specialty Areas 

Understanding the job will help you find better talent. That’s why recruiters should work to specialize in a few areas. Whether it’s technology, engineering, healthcare, sales, or legal, the more you know about the field the more credible you’ll sound to candidates. While you can be a generalist, recruiters that focus on one or two vertical markets can really build a name for themselves with a particular talent pipeline. Focusing on a single or a few industries will help you build a network and become better at being a subject matter expert. 

Tip #2 Do What You Say You Will Do 

An ethical and organized recruiter will gain the trust of candidates. Most in-demand workers with specialized skills have experienced recruiters that are less than upright when it comes to being transparent about the job. It gives the rest of the recruiting industry a bad reputation. Instead, cultivate an aura of doing what you promise as you work hard to represent both your client and the candidates you serve. 

Tip #3 Use Recruitment Marketing 

If you work in a large company, you may have an in-house marketing department that can apply their talents to help you stand out. From social media posts and cool graphics to written content on the web, marketing can help you attract candidates. If you can write or know the ins and outs of social media, you can use these tools to extend your reach and build your candidate pipeline on these networks. 

Tip #4 Be More Creative Than Everyone Else 

How often do recruiters – especially the ones with experience – really think outside the box? Recruiting today is a numbers game, sure, but the best talent finders use a variety of creative ways to stand out and find talent. Focus on every job search in a way that considers creative techniques that your competitors may not use. For example, what about hosting a meetup or user group? When was the last time you even went to a community event to meet people? Networking is the name of the game but too many times recruiters fall back on LinkedIn trolling and fail to set themselves apart. 

Tip #5 Be Proactive 

You should, literally, never stop prospecting for good candidates. Proactively cultivate relationships with candidates in your target vertical. Get to know people and ask for referrals. Do this every single day to build a solid network of relationships that you can mine as the job order comes in. It will speed up your process of hunting for talent and set you apart from other recruiters. 

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