With Exelare applicant tracking software, recruiters have access to a wide assortment of time-saving features that can significantly streamline workflows. This is an extremely useful tool—and, like any tool, it must be handled correctly to obtain the maximum benefit from it. The good news is that learning the ropes isn’t particularly difficult. There are a handful of simple tricks you should consider that will make your software work best for you.

Recruiting software training

Train All Users

Each member of the team who uses the recruiting system should be properly trained so they are comfortable with all relevant features. It’s best if there’s one person appointed to act as the trainer—this will ensure that everyone acquires the same level of familiarity and proficiency. With Exelare, you also have the option of contacting our team for a training session.

Stay Updated

As with many office programs, recruiting software never arrives at a truly completed state—it is subject to a wide range of additions and revisions, some relating to simple technical glitches, others involving major enhancements in functionality. Stay on top of your software updates to ensure that you’re not burdened by outdated tech.

Personalize Outbound Messages

One of the useful features commonly found in recruiting software is its streamlined, automated management of emails—it’s a simple matter to set the system to send responses to indicate receipt of resumes, for example. This approach can come across as coldly formal, however. You can counteract this effect by personalizing emails sent through your recruiting software. It doesn’t take much effort—probably the easiest way to introduce a personalized touch is to address the recipient by name in the email. Whatever you can do to avoid the stale odor of the form letter is likely to be appreciated by the recipient.

Get on the Cloud

Cloud technology is growing in importance throughout the corporate world, and the recruiting biz is no exception to this general trend. If your applicant tracking software is not connected to the cloud, you are falling behind. The cloud allows you to access the various features of your recruiting system from virtually any internet-facing device, no matter where you are. That’s an important asset in a deadline-ridden industry.

Set Up Candidate Ownership

Candidate ownership refers to the individual recruiter on a team who gets “credit” for a particular candidate. Some organizations assign ownership in perpetuity to the recruiter who first contacted a candidate. Others choose to reassign ownership if there is a significantly long period of inactivity. Exelare’s software provides handy tools to track proper ownership according to the company’s rules.

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