Does your company have COVID safety protocols in place? If you want to attract candidates, you should. The 2021 Exelare Jobvite survey shows that 64% of the American workforce say they would decline a job if the company lacks the social distancing and other pandemic protocols that keep them safer at work. This blog will look at the survey and the changing attitudes toward the workplace brought on by the COVID crisis. How are you positioning your company for safety in the coming year?

The New Face of Work, Post-COVID

Each year, Jobvite surveys hundreds of U.S. workers to find out their attitudes towards work. The coronavirus brought on big changes and challenges last year that the survey highlighted. One of them was the expectations that workers have for a safe workplace moving forward after COVID. The survey found:

  • 60% of workers have inquired about the workplace safety measures in place during COVID-19.
  • 64% say they would decline a job if there were no COVID-19 safety protocols in place.
  • 61% would decline a job offer if the employer didn’t require masks.
  • 49% say employers should require a COVID vaccine.

These numbers suggest that employers must make every effort to prioritize worker safety but also share these details with candidates if they are expected to attract more of them. This process starts with following local, state, and federal guidelines for worker safety. Companies should have a health and safety plan in place to guide behaviors, especially as more companies go back to work.

These safety protocols should be shared with candidates and the job market in general to help people understand that your company is doing what it can to keep people safer. For example, employers can:

  • Add a line to job descriptions that covers your policy on putting employee health and safety first.
  • Add COVID rules and protocols to your branding materials, such as your website.
  • Address these protocols during the interview process.
  • Actively use videoconferencing or initiate other safety protocols during the interviews.
  • Go over these rules during new employee onboarding.

Companies that work to create a safer environment for their employees will attract more candidates to their open positions. Exelare offers these companies a state-of-the-art applicant tracking system to ensure a smooth candidate experience. Contact us to find out more.