Recruiting is hard. Recruiting is harder when there are 10 million open jobs and not enough candidates to go around. If you’re interested in becoming better at your job, we have eight tips that you can apply on the job tomorrow to help you succeed.

8 Recruiting Best Practices

1. Improve Candidate Experience

When this many jobs are open, candidates have choices. So, how you treat each candidate will greatly impact your success on the job. Not only should each candidate interaction be incredibly positive, but the tools you use should also streamline the application process. Your software should automate basic candidate correspondence so the candidate stays in the loop about the next steps in their interview process. Your application process should also be mobile-friendly. These are just a few examples, but they are critically important to your success as a recruiter.

2. Ask for Referrals

Networking is vital to be on top of the recruiting game. Part of why the candidate experience should be a good one is that you’ll want to go back to candidates and ask them if they can refer you to other people. Make every candidate a core part of your strategy to reach more candidates by asking for a referral.

3. Improve Your Handoffs

Handing candidates to a hiring manager can improve your image as a top recruiter. It can lead to referrals but also create a ripple of positivity around the work you do within the organization. Offboarding a candidate to the hiring team continues the goodwill you’ve built as a recruiter.

4. Involve Hiring Managers for More Collaborative Hiring

Hiring managers are also stakeholders that you must keep happy as much as the candidates themselves. Involve them in your efforts to find candidates, keeping them aware of the challenges in the market. Share feedback about job descriptions or anything a potential candidate says about their application process. You can also gather valuable insight into the job itself from the hiring manager. Build that relationship to be more successful in your job.

5. Do Something Every Day to Build Your Networks

We all experience slower times when the volume of job orders slows. But make sure you do something every day to build your business and networks. Pipelining candidates is a critical part of the job that will pay off in the long term.

6. Help Your Colleagues

Stay on the lookout for candidates who may help someone else in your organization and will build goodwill with your team. Paying it forward to help your colleagues will also help you. This best practice is the sign of a good recruiter at the top of their professional game.

7. Constantly Improve

Practice your communication skills by sharing information regularly with your managers, the hiring teams, candidates, and other recruiters. Read industry information and share it with your colleagues. In the spirit of continuous improvement, try new tools and new techniques to improve your efforts to close more candidates.  

8. Use Exelare

Not all applicant tracking systems are the same. (You know who they are.) Exelare leverages the most modern new features and combines them with an intelligent user interface and artificial intelligence to create a better ATS. This platform can do everything, but it isn’t unwieldy to use like some older ATS platforms.

Ready to be a Better Recruiter?

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