By 2019, 99% of Fortune 500 companies used an applicant tracking system in their recruiting process. Staffing agencies had been building their book of business around ATS platforms for years. These tools began by simply housing applications from candidates and have evolved to add sophisticated analytics and time-saving automation to speed up the work of hiring. But these tools work well in other industries beyond staffing. How can other industries apply an ATS to improve their hiring efforts?

How Can an ATS Be Applied to Any Industry?

If You Recruit, an ATS is Mandatory

From a compliance perspective, any company that hires needs a way to house applications and communications between candidates and their hiring managers. An ATS serves well for this purpose—that’s why these platforms were created. Today, no matter the industry you’re in, an ATS can capture candidate resumes from your careers page applications. They can automate your candidate response, too. For example, in Exelare, you can set up an automatic email notification thanking candidates for applying and letting them know what’s next in the process. You can email candidates straight from our platform and all the interview and communications data is housed in one digital software platform in the cloud. It’s a smarter way to work for any company that’s hiring.

Optimize Onboarding with an ATS

Once you’ve hired the candidate you can take them straight into onboarding with Exelare ATS. The platform lets you share onboarding and training materials, while also storing candidate paperwork, from proof of work documentation to emergency contact information. An ATS like Exelare can become your one-stop shop if you are in the business of hiring—and in this market, that’s just about everyone in every industry.

If You Sell, Consider an ATS

Did you know, Exelare also serves as a customer relationship management (CRM) tool? Instead of having one software tool for recruiting, one for onboarding, and one for sales, Exelere can handle all of these functions. Sales teams seeking new clients can use Exelare for prospecting, automating their email messages, setting follow-up reminders, and recording communications with potential clients. It’s a smarter way to work that will improve the productivity of your sales teams.

Employee Retention? An ATS Can Help with That, too

Are you tracking the longevity of the new people you’ve hired? With the Great Resignation still happening, you should be. ATS platforms like Exelare have extensive analytics tools that can review where candidates came from, who was hired, how long they were employed, and much more. With our easy-to-use dashboard, you can see at a glance your time-to-hire and retention numbers. It puts everyone on the same page for a more effective hiring effort.

Who Uses Exelare?

Exelare’s effectiveness stretches across markets. Some of the industries that leverage our software include:

  • Recruiting and staffing agencies
  • Hospitals and health systems
  • Technology teams
  • Manufacturing businesses
  • Retailers seeking a high volume of candidates
  • Sales teams in every industry
  • HR teams in every field
  • And more

Ready to Use an ATS For Your Industry?

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