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New Features and Updates to xBar Outlook Add-in, Rich Text Editing of Jobs and Mobile App!

Exelare continues to evolve!  We have killed a few more bugs, tweaked some existing features and added a few new ones. xBar Outlook Add-in Link Email Attachments to Records in Exelare The latest release of the xBar includes a new feature that enables you to link attachments in an email to the sender or any other record in the database.  Simply click the Link Documents button in the xBar, select the type of record you want to link the attachments to, select the record you want and you’re done. Email Address Book We’ve added an [...]

March 21st, 2014|New Features, News & Announcements, Tips & Tricks|

New Features! Social Networking, Job Posting, Permissions, Alerts and more

We are excited about our most recent release of Exelare.  Not only did we squash a few bugs, but we also added some much anticipated features.  We are continuing to add features and refine Exelare to provide you with the best application possible. This latest release includes much requested integrations to the major social networking sites, fully redesigned job posting center and additional email and calendar features. Social Networking We've added the ability to easily link to a client or candidates' social networking profiles within the client and candidate records.  Just open a record and you'll see a new Social [...]

February 27th, 2014|New Features, News & Announcements, Tips & Tricks|

Exelare Online Help and Knowledge Base Released

We have released our comprehensive online help and knowledge base for Exelare this week.  You can access it by clicking here:  https://exelare.com/support/  Be sure to bookmark the link so you can reference it whenever you need to.  It contains not only detailed step-by-step instructions for all the features in Exelare, but also contains short videos of these steps. The knowledge base is searchable and easily navigated.  Each category shows the most commonly searched topics as well as showing the total number of topics available in that category.  Click on 'View Category' to see all related topics and then simply click [...]

February 20th, 2014|News & Announcements|

Universal Search, Implementation Guides, Our New Logo & Upcoming Features

Its been a little quiet on the blog recently, but rest assured we haven’t been sitting around twiddling our thumbs.  There are a lot of big features we are working on behind the scenes that will be ready for you very shortly.  We can’t wait to share them with you!  In the interim, here are a few updates you might be interested in! We Have a New Logo If you have logged in to Exelare in the past day or two, you have probably noticed our brand new logo!  Just as our software has evolved and nears its official launch, [...]

October 16th, 2013|New Features, News & Announcements|

Dashboards, LinkedIn Plugins, Gmail Integration and More!

We are developing at a rapid clip over here at cBizSoft!  Exelare just keeps getting better and better every day.  We released a big update over the weekend with some great new features, updates to existing features, and even squashed a few bugs as well!  Log in and check things out! Here’s what’s included in the most recent update to Exelare: Dashboards Our amazing development team has been hard at work building our new dashboards & reporting framework for Exelare.  The framework they have created allows us to build almost any kind of dashboard or report you can think of. [...]

March 26th, 2013|New Features|

New Developments in Exelare

Greetings cBizOne Insiders!  I know its been awhile since we’ve given you an update here on the blog.  I wanted to take some time and fill you in on what we’ve been cooking over here at cBizSoft. As many of you already know, our next generation of cBizOne is called Exelare.  Exelare is a Rich Internet Application that lives inside of your browser.  The majority of our new developments have been taking place inside of Exelare.  Unless you’ve been diligent about logging in, you probably haven’t noticed these new developments. But fear not!  I’m going to let you in on [...]

January 23rd, 2013|New Features|

New Mobile Recruitment Apps For iPhone, iPad & Android Powered Devices

As requested by many users we are officially releasing new mobile apps designed specifically for native smartphone platforms.   We are calling it ExelareMobile and it is available for iPhone, iPad and Android powered devices.   Along with useful features like viewing & submitting resumes, we also have included calendar functionality and the ability to synchronize records to the native device.  You can download the apps for free from the AppStore or Google Play and be up and running in minutes. With the new mobile app you can: View & Search all of your companies, contacts, candidates & jobs View your cBizOne/Exelare [...]

June 14th, 2012|New Features|

Why Exelare is built using Microsoft Silverlight

  We’ve been getting this question a lot lately: “Why did cBizSoft decide to use the Microsoft Silverlight platform to create Exelare?” Its a good question.  There are so many different options out there these days on how and why to build your software product that you could go mad trying to decide.  Not only do software companies have to look at current technology platforms and trends, we also have to think about the future and where technology might be heading.  If you pick the wrong platform, you could one day go the way of the dodo.  Nobody wants that. [...]

May 24th, 2012|News & Announcements|

Introducing: xBar – The Next Generation Outlook Integration from cBizSoft

The vast majority of our clients rely heavily on Outlook to manage their email, calendars & meetings on a day to day basis.  Because of this, cBizOne has always had a very tight integration with Outlook through our proprietary plugin, cBizBar.  cBizBar has worked great for many years with very few updates needed or requested from our users.  Mostly because “it just works the way it should”. Now that a large percentage of our clients have moved over to cBizOne Cloud, the relationship between your cBizOne database and Outlook is slowly starting to shift. With cBizOne Cloud your database is [...]

May 3rd, 2012|New Features|

The Future of cBizSoft

  If you saw the sneak peek video of Exelare a couple of weeks ago, you might be excited to give it a try.  Its taken us a while to get where we are, but in the end it will absolutely be worth the wait.  We have found a way to give you the full functionality of a desktop application, delivered through the web browser.  Its called a Rich Internet Application (RIA) and it really is the best of both worlds.  Here is what we have planned moving forward: Initial Alpha Release Starting two weeks ago, our Alpha release is [...]

March 15th, 2012|News & Announcements|