No business is immune from going through a slump every once and a while. Low periods in business will depend on the industry as well as the company itself. Fortunately, when you run a recruiting office, you have easier methods of dictating when you have business slumps, if at all.

If you have upgraded your CRM and ATS software, and you want to know what else you can do to bring in more business, here are some ways to grow your business.

Avoid Recruiting Slumps

Host a Networking Event

Two separate networking events for applicants and for businesses will help to bring in more business for both. Host a business casual networking event in order to bring in more applicants.  If you notice that you are lacking in resumes for candidates with certain skills, market to candidates in these fields. Hosting an open networking event to find more applicants with sought-after skills will give you the ammunition you need to ramp up business. An event for companies allows you to attract more interested businesses which may be interested in your services in the near future.

Get on Social Media

Today, many people are attached to their phones. Some of the most commonly used applications are social media apps. Getting on social media in order to garner interest can provide you with free advertisements and help you with your metrics. Use social media to determine how many followers you are getting, how many leads you get from social media pages, and other metrics for your business. This will help you determine what type of marketing works and what does not.

Go with the Seasonal Flow

Whereas certain industries slow down during certain seasons, you get the chance to take note of when certain industries may slow down or ramp up. If certain industries tend to need more recruitment help in certain months, add this to your calendar. A few weeks ahead of time, start advertising your help for these companies. By going with the tide instead of against it, you will be able to constantly stay at the top of the wave.

When it comes to recruiting, avoiding slumps is going to be your number one challenge. Use help from the excellent recruiter CRM from Exelare in order to track what you have to your advantage. Use your metrics to help determine where your slow points are and use the seasonal flow to make up for these challenges.

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