As a recruiting or staffing company, you are always likely to have competition. You will have competition for recruits with unofficial headhunters as well as other recruiting businesses. If you want to remain the leader of the pack of recruiters in your area, you will have to implement certain standards, and you will have to take control of more recruitment activities.

Along with using top-notch ATS software, here are some other changes you can put into place to beat other recruitment offices.

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Update and Upgrade All Resumes

If you want to have an attractive business, you will need to have attractive workers. If the resumes that are in your system are old, outdated, do not have the proper skills, and do not have the proper format, this will need to be changed. As a recruiting firm, you should help all of the workers in your system upgrade and properly format their resumes.

Make sure that candidates include all of their technology experience and knowledge to attract more businesses. With updated resumes in the appropriate business format, your recruiting office will come off as much more professional.

Publish All Accolades and Upcoming Events

Marketing as a recruiting office should be a constant cycle. Both candidates and businesses will need to know your company name in order to utilize your services. Everyone wants to seek out a new and attractive company.

If you publish your accolades and praises from applicants and businesses who have worked with you, you will gain a greater sense of trust within the community. Along with publishing high praises, be sure to send out press releases often. This will update your community about any new and upcoming events or updates for your company.

Stay on Your Marketing Toes

When it comes to being the top recruiter in your region, trust, respect, and proper marketing are a few of the secret ingredients for success. With a proper CRM on the business front and constant networking through marketing, you will be able to remain the top dog in your area. Using the same tactics that you used to start your recruitment company with the help of Exelare’s recruitment software and the right operational tactics, you can remain a powerhouse in your local recruiting circles.

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