Applicant tracking system (ATS) software was designed to take some of the burden off of recruiting firms. With so many applications now being filled out online, the numbers of applicants for any given job have multiplied almost overnight and made it increasingly hard for employers and recruiters to find qualified applications.

ATS software

What Is Applicant Tracking Software (ATS)?

An applicant tracking software system is simply a way to electronically handle various recruitment needs.  With a large number of companies offering applicant tracking software, Exelare has worked hard to separate themselves from the competition.

What Are the Benefits of Exelare’s ATS Software?

  • Proactively Find Talent – Many ATS platforms simply act as a repository for electronic documents. While this may be beneficial, it’s often not enough.  With Exelare, our software goes above and beyond what our competitors are able to offer.  Our applicant tracking system helps to automate mundane tasks including resume harvesting, handles online sourcing, and helps to develop candidate target lists.
  • Social Media Recruiting – Most business professionals in today’s fast paced economy are extremely active on social media. This means that if you’re trying to cater to these applicants, you need to reach them on social media.  With Exelare, you’ll easily be able to connect with candidates through a variety of social media platforms.
  • Bulk Communication – With Exelare, easily send out communication via email and text to keep potential applicants in the loop as to the hiring process.

Take Your Applicant Tracking System to the Next Level with Exelare

If you’re doing all you can to find applicants, but are still falling short with your current ATS system, feel free to reach out to the recruiting professionals at Exelare.  With Exelare, you’ll be able to leave no stone unturned in your quest for qualified applicants.  ATS systems typically do not work, leaving companies unable to find the talent they need.  By utilizing Exelare, you’ll be able to search far and wide to find the perfect candidate for a variety of job openings.  For more information, feel free to reach out to Exelare today.

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