Bottlenecks can stymie a process. It can thwart innovation. For recruiting teams, a bottleneck can slow down the hiring process to the point where candidates become frustrated and walk away. What’s the answer to curb bottlenecks? Can technology help us smooth out the awkwardness and keep things running smoothly toward your goal?

What’s a Bottleneck?

Bottlenecks are anything that blocks a workflow from reaching its conclusion. They are production stalling hiccups in what is hopefully a normally smooth process. There are three ways bottlenecks can affect your recruiting process:

  • Short-term bottlenecks probably happen pretty frequently in your job. This could be from a candidate that accidentally misses an interview to a hiring manager that isn’t responding. These are temporary bottlenecks that you may swat down often to keep things moving forward during the hiring process. You may encounter these frequently but the best companies work diligently to eliminate them whenever possible.
  • Long term bottlenecks are tougher to get through. While they may only pop up periodically, when they come up, they make for an interesting and challenging dilemma that you must solve. For example, one bottleneck today is that there are simply not enough candidates to fill open jobs. This means the hiring process takes longer. This could also negatively affect the employees in the business, creating an unnecessary burden that could cause burnout in the long term. It’s a ripple effect that recruiting must solve—but it’s hard. Addressing long-term bottlenecks is absolutely critical if you’re trying to improve your time to hire.

Problem-solving is a part of any job. Determining if your bottleneck is long or short-term will help you change your process to overcome it. Interestingly, technology can smooth out these hitches in your workflows and create a roadmap to reach your goals. Here’s how next-generation applicant tracking systems can smooth out bottlenecks and help you reach your goals.

How to Overcome Bottlenecks

Many bottlenecks are simply related to communication. This is particularly true during the recruiting process, where multiple candidates and multiple hiring managers can make for a complex process of back and forth. Fortunately, there are tools like Exelare to help manage the candidate application process. Exelare is a new kind of applicant tracking system that helps you work smarter, communicate more effectively, and manage an unwieldy and complex candidate and hiring process. 

If you’re ready to tackle your hiring bottlenecks, Exelare would like to show you how technology can help. Contact us today.