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New Features Released – Exelare for Windows 1.3!

We are excited to announce another great set of features for Exelare For Windows. Many of these features are here because you - our valued clients - have asked for them. We hope they help you in your quest to serve your clients and make more placements! Filtering Data in Grids By Lookup Using our unique ‘Live Search Bar’ is now even more powerful. In addition to searching any field within the search bar, you can now also filter by multiple values, using the field lookups of each field. Just click on the black inverted triangle icon on each column [...]

March 5th, 2016|New Features, News & Announcements|

A Brand New Way to Source Candidates

We are excited to announce our brand new 'Source Candidates' feature!  Unlike our existing SourceFirst interface, 'Source Candidates' allows you to search your internal Exelare Database while simultaneously searching external resume boards such as Monster, CareerBuilder, Dice & TechFetch. Results are returned as a 'Preview' from each site, allowing users to choose which resumes to view and which to ignore. If you have resume view limits with any of your resume site accounts, this will help you manage those views effectively, while also providing a single interface from which to source resumes (no more back and forth between resume boards). [...]

November 15th, 2015|New Features|

New Features Released – Exelare for Windows 1.1!

As always, the development team here at cBizSoft has been working hard at making Exelare the best recruiting & staffing software on the planet!  In addition to the customary bug fixes and incremental tweaks, we are excited to announce a few improvements you are sure to love.  The features below are specific to the Exelare for Windows App.  Lets dive right in! Improved Dynamic View Editing You now have increased control over what columns/fields you would like to see in your Dynamic Views.  Before today you were limited on the available fields you could show in any given view.  We [...]

October 30th, 2015|New Features|

Exelare For Windows – Features You’ll Love

Exactly 2 weeks ago today we announced our newest app, Exelare For Windows.  It was an exciting day for us, and a culmination of lots of hard work.  So far the feedback has been great, and its getting us excited to keep pushing out new features! If you want to know why we introduced a new Windows Desktop App, you can view the post from last week.  Additionally, we have outlined a few of the features available in the Windows app that you simply can't do with Exelare for Silverlight.  Scroll down to read more about the new features and [...]

May 26th, 2015|New Features|

Announcing Exelare for Windows!

Exelare for Windows is a desktop application that works interchangeably with our web application, Exelare for Web.  Exelare users can use the desktop app, or the web app, based on what is most convenient to their working environment.  It doesn't matter which app you use since both access the same real time, cloud connected database. cBizSoft does recommend using Exelare For Windows as your “primary” way of accessing your Exelare database.  Mostly because Exelare for Windows is a native application and therefore offers additional functionality not available in web browsers. cBizSoft will however continue to invest in and improve upon [...]

May 11th, 2015|New Features, News & Announcements|

New Features and Updates to xBar Outlook Add-in, Rich Text Editing of Jobs and Mobile App!

Exelare continues to evolve!  We have killed a few more bugs, tweaked some existing features and added a few new ones. xBar Outlook Add-in Link Email Attachments to Records in Exelare The latest release of the xBar includes a new feature that enables you to link attachments in an email to the sender or any other record in the database.  Simply click the Link Documents button in the xBar, select the type of record you want to link the attachments to, select the record you want and you’re done. Email Address Book We’ve added an [...]

March 21st, 2014|New Features, News & Announcements, Tips & Tricks|

New Features! Social Networking, Job Posting, Permissions, Alerts and more

We are excited about our most recent release of Exelare.  Not only did we squash a few bugs, but we also added some much anticipated features.  We are continuing to add features and refine Exelare to provide you with the best application possible. This latest release includes much requested integrations to the major social networking sites, fully redesigned job posting center and additional email and calendar features. Social Networking We've added the ability to easily link to a client or candidates' social networking profiles within the client and candidate records.  Just open a record and you'll see a new Social [...]

February 27th, 2014|New Features, News & Announcements, Tips & Tricks|

Universal Search, Implementation Guides, Our New Logo & Upcoming Features

Its been a little quiet on the blog recently, but rest assured we haven’t been sitting around twiddling our thumbs.  There are a lot of big features we are working on behind the scenes that will be ready for you very shortly.  We can’t wait to share them with you!  In the interim, here are a few updates you might be interested in! We Have a New Logo If you have logged in to Exelare in the past day or two, you have probably noticed our brand new logo!  Just as our software has evolved and nears its official launch, [...]

October 16th, 2013|New Features, News & Announcements|

Dashboards, LinkedIn Plugins, Gmail Integration and More!

We are developing at a rapid clip over here at cBizSoft!  Exelare just keeps getting better and better every day.  We released a big update over the weekend with some great new features, updates to existing features, and even squashed a few bugs as well!  Log in and check things out! Here’s what’s included in the most recent update to Exelare: Dashboards Our amazing development team has been hard at work building our new dashboards & reporting framework for Exelare.  The framework they have created allows us to build almost any kind of dashboard or report you can think of. [...]

March 26th, 2013|New Features|

New Developments in Exelare

Greetings cBizOne Insiders!  I know its been awhile since we’ve given you an update here on the blog.  I wanted to take some time and fill you in on what we’ve been cooking over here at cBizSoft. As many of you already know, our next generation of cBizOne is called Exelare.  Exelare is a Rich Internet Application that lives inside of your browser.  The majority of our new developments have been taking place inside of Exelare.  Unless you’ve been diligent about logging in, you probably haven’t noticed these new developments. But fear not!  I’m going to let you in on [...]

January 23rd, 2013|New Features|