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The Recruiting Industry’s Top Split-Fee Network, Direct-Client Access and Job Board works seamlessly with Exelare!

Here is how it works

Once activated on your account, you will see a new ‘FeeTrader’ tab on all of your Jobs in Exelare.  Click on the FeeTrader Tab, and choose whether to include the Job on the FeeTrader Job Boards, Split Board, or both!  Then simply save the job and you are done!  By typing the job order in just once, you have also published your job to your Exelare Jobs Page, FeeTrader and all of the sites that FeeTrader already re-posts to!  Wasn’t that easy?

Additional Highlights of the Exelare + FeeTrader Integration With FeeTrader Without FeeTrader
Post your job once and have it re-posted to your website, FeeTrader’s Job Boards (over 30 Major Job Sites & Social Media), and/or FeeTrader’s Split Board!
Use FeeTrader to find thousands of Fee-Paying direct clients who want your help filling jobs!
Use FeeTrader to build split-fee relationships with over 6,500 other recruiters (with no transaction fees!)

*As of this posting, FeeTrader has over 3000 fee-paying job orders!

What FeeTrader members are saying:

An exceptional way to increase my business! FeeTrader put me directly in contact with an employer seeking a candidate I already had! The employer got who they’re looking for, and I get a quick placement! I’ve made numerous employer and recruiter relationships by continuously using FeeTrader which has significantly increased my placements and revenues.

Feel free to call me to discuss FeeTrader at 805-773-6264

Sean Margalit, Recruiting Experts
FeeTrader ROCKS! I get far better candidates responding to these ads than anywhere else I post…and I post to over 30 sites. Don’t know how you do it but keep it up!
Kelly Peterson, A-1
FeeTrader Rocks. My old company used FeeTrader, which is, IMO, the BEST split platform. I am an affiliate since I love them, but I strongly urge you try them out, as it is VERY inexpensive and they don’t take a cut of the action and I LOVE IT! If you have a staff, then your members can split amongst each other much easier also!
Neil Lebovits - Industry Trainer, Consultant & Guru,

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