How much time do your recruiters waste on mundane tasks? The answer is probably a lot. From resume reviews to scheduling interviews, our recruiters today are feeling more pressure than ever but still spending far too much time not working smarter, but instead slogging through tasks that software could automate. What are we doing wrong, and how can the right applicant tracking system make a difference?  

Automate or Perish 

Today’s recruiters need to wear a lot of hats to find the right talent. They must be networkers, data scientists, and salespeople, as they review resumes, look for online candidates, interview, and place candidates.  

Human Resource Executive sums up the current situation nicely: 

“These are stressful times for recruiters. The demand for talent is going up while the supply is stagnant or declining. Many organizations have turned to technology to ease the burden, yet some have inadvertently made life more difficult for recruiters by implementing solutions without first listening to their concerns.” 

Recruiters today do not have an easy job. Many firms have eliminated staff to help coordinate interview schedules. So recruiters handle all of the mundane tasks instead of focusing on the candidate experience. They also are typically dealing with many technologies, many of which may not exactly fit what they need these tools to accomplish. But what can happen when the right software eliminates these mundane tasks? Exelare has found that recruiter productivity increases exponentially, reducing time-to-hire, and expanding both client and employee satisfaction.  

The Exelare software is an applicant tracking system reimagined for the challenges of 2020. Everything flows from a centralized communications portal; so that managers and recruiters can see at a glance where they work is taking them. But it is the integration and automation of jobs, from posting to close, that improve the workloads of the recruiters we serve. Some of the features of Exelare software include: 

  • An online job portal that allows candidates to upload their resumes and search for jobs. Automation enables new jobs to be posted, and there’s plenty of customization to fit the process to what you need. 
  • Your job ads are automated to post to a variety of free or paid job boards, from LinkedIn and CareerBuilder to Monster, Indeed, Glassdoor, and more. 
  • Job ads are automatically integrated with social media platforms to increase the speed and reach of your posting. 
  • Exelare can also automate email list marketing to reach candidates, vendors, and other business partners to find more candidates. 

State-of-the-art algorithms allow a smart search of candidates by recruiters instead of laborious by-hand selection and review of candidate resume, one of the most tedious parts of the new candidate search. How much time could your team save if your recruiter was focused just on interviewing to select the right candidate?

Exelare makes the best use of your recruiting team.

Find out how the right kind of applicant tracking system can eliminate the busywork from your recruiting workflows. We’re standing by to give you a demo. Call us today.