Exactly 2 weeks ago today we announced our newest app, Exelare For Windows.  It was an exciting day for us, and a culmination of lots of hard work.  So far the feedback has been great, and its getting us excited to keep pushing out new features!

If you want to know why we introduced a new Windows Desktop App, you can view the post from last week.  Additionally, we have outlined a few of the features available in the Windows app that you simply can’t do with Exelare for Silverlight.  Scroll down to read more about the new features and how they work!

Drag & Drop Column Customization

Customizing views has never been easier.  Simply right click on any column header to hide it from the view.  You can also click on any column header and then drag it left or right to rearrange the order of the columns in the view.  Each Dynamic view is customizable per user to offer even more flexibility.

View Customization


Open Multiple Edit Forms at once

Have you longed for the ability to have multiple records open at one time?  Unlike Exelare for Silverlight where you were limited to just one edit form per entity (Company, Contact, Candidate, Job, Activity, Note, Email), with Exelare For Windows, you can have as many edit forms open as you want.  Easily compare records side by side, or minimize forms so you remember to come back to them later.  This along with the entity tab concept goes a very long way in helping recruiters and account managers multi-task.

Open Multiple Edit Forms

New Action Menu’s

Exelare’s action menu’s have all been updated to be more user friendly and straightforward.  Action menu’s are much more explicit in what they do.  This should make the learning curve for new users much faster, and also make some of our most popular features easier to find.

New Action Menus

Drag & Drop Calendar Items

Inside of the Exelare for Windows Calendar, it is easy to simply drag and drop appointments when you need to reschedule them.  You don’t have to open the appointment and manually change the dates & times any more.

Drag and Drop Calendar Items

Automatic Updates

Perhaps one of the best features of Exelare for Windows is Auto-Updates.  Whenever we have a new version of the software available, you will be notified as you log in to the software.  This means you can always have the “latest and greatest’ features, without needing to contact us or manually download installation files.  We hope this goes a long way in keeping all of our users in the know about all the cool things we are doing with the software.

Final Words

Of course there are a lot of other small things we didn’t mention in this post, but this covers most of the major differences between the two Exelare versions.  While these are some very big changes, we have done everything in our power to keep the same look and feel between the two apps.  This means the learning curve should be very small.  Most users in our test groups have picked up on Exelare almost immediately with very little coaching or training needed.

That being said, we will continue to offer free training and support to all of our clients, so don’t be shy if you feel like you could use a little extra help to make the transition.  Just visit our new Knowledge Base for Exelare or send us an email:  support@cbizsoft.com