The Exelare Find Matching Candidates feature gives your recruiters a simple and easy way to search from a job in Exelare. They immediately see if there are any suitable candidates to submit to the client.

When a job is created in Exelare, whether automatically through one of our integrated VMS partners, or manually by a user, there is a search criteria area to build a search. A user can build their own Boolean search, build a search using our search builder, paste from their library of very specifc Boolean search strings or select from a list of saved searches.

Anyone from the most experienced Boolean Blackbelt to a recruiter just cutting their teeth can click on Find Matching Candidates and see the results ranked against each other in relevance to the search criteria. That relevancy score makes it easy to clearly see the best candidates at the top of the list. Now, instead of pouring over 100 resumes, they can focus on the top 10-20 first before moving on to the next set.

This feature leads to faster submittals for everyone and gives focus to new recruiters just learning to review resumes and determine the best fit for the job.

Would You Like To Learn More about Find Matching Candidates?

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This link to the Find Matching Candidates guide in our Knowledge Base provides extensive details: