Recruiting is fraught with obstacles even under normal circumstances—but what happens when it’s necessary to find a huge number of candidates in a brief span of time? This is known as high-volume recruitment. When you must fill multiple positions on a daily basis, you have to deal with a lot of candidates, and matters can easily become unmanageable for the unprepared. To save you some unnecessary headaches, you should try to keep some handy tips in mind as you wade through all those resumes.

High-volume recruiting

Be ready for no-shows – High-volume recruiting often happens toward the entry-level end of hiring. This means that candidates are likely to drop out of the process without warning. You need to be prepared for a certain number of missed interviews and inexplicable “radio silence” from promising applicants.

Write accurate job descriptions – If you’re responsible for posting job descriptions online, you need to know what you’re looking for and how to communicate it in words. Due to the fast pace of high-volume recruitment, it’s possible to spend far too much time with unqualified applicants whose unsuitability isn’t readily apparent. Accurate descriptions can filter out many of these.

Create deadlines – When you’re juggling large numbers of candidates and positions, you definitely need to get organized. That’s why you should create strict deadlines to aim for as you push your candidates through the pipeline. By what date should you complete your candidate list? When should all interviews be completed for a certain position? Having specific dates in mind for events such as these can save you a considerable amount of hassle. It will also keep you from getting sidetracked by delays that could lead candidates to drop out of the process.

Configure your application system for mobile devices – Simply put, your electronic application system should be optimized for on-the-go modern job seekers who, to an ever-increasing degree, use their mobile devices to conduct business.

Use automated tools – It’s widely agreed among recruiters that a personal touch is important—but it’s not always possible to give your interpersonal dealings this kind of consideration. You will have to automate certain functions—such as acknowledgments of resume receipt. When you use quality applicant tracking software like Exelare, you have access to an assortment of automated tools that will save precious time.

Recruiting Deadlines