Applicant tracking systems have revolutionized the HR field. These software tools monitor and assist the recruiting effort in ways that create efficiencies to improve the hiring process. Over the years, our ATS tools have improved by using intelligent algorithms to speed up our teams and extend your brand. 

As an ATS, Exelare is one of the newest in a long list of ATS platforms. What are the benefits of using a next-generation software tool like Exelare? Here’s how we can change the game for your recruiting team.

Benefits of an ATS

An ATS is an incredibly powerful tool. Three of the greatest benefits of an ATS include:

  • The ability to capture information quickly.
  • The ability to safely store candidate information and communications.
  • The ability to disseminate information widely from a centralized hub.

A good ATS can save time and money by reducing administrative tasks. These tools are stress reducers, particularly if you’re dealing with a high volume of recruiting demands. ATS software like Exelare has three key features to help streamline hiring for your organization:

  • Customization allows you to tailor the ATS to fit your unique needs. 
  • Collaboration lets cross-functional departments participate in the hiring process smoothly.
  • Configuration allows recruiters to configure their job postings, managers to run analytics, and HR teams to send out offer letters.

Exelare offers recruiters a smart way to automate many steps in the hiring process. Automation keeps everyone in the loop while lessening the number of steps associated with each hire. The benefits of Exelare extend beyond the typical ATS to target specific members of your team with the convenience of our platform. This includes:

  • Recruiters can build targeted candidate lists by keyword search of their qualifications. You can even automate regular candidate reach outs by using email marketing to extend your reach.
  • Managers can work from a customizable dashboard that tracks individual and team key performance metrics. At a glance, you can see hiring analytics that allows actionable decision-making on the fly.
  • Sourcers now have a centralized hub to keep their efforts contained and organized. You can import candidate profiles, make notes, and set tasks to keep you on track.
  • Administrators have an easy time managing our secure, cloud-based platform. There are more than 60 customizable permissions features that allow you design the system to fit with your security strategies.

Exelare is a cloud-based ATS that gives you all of the features of modern software with the convenience of using these tools on any digital device. This software is made for on-the-go or remote recruiting teams that need the flexibility and accessibility that you find only in the cloud.

From an integration perspective, Exelare works seamlessly with many of the tools you already use, from social media to your CMS. This allows for easier bulk job posting and resume harvesting from the world’s top resume boards. Imagine how much more efficient your team could be if they plug in the job requirements and then the ATS pulls resumes from more than 200 resume boards, including ZipRecruiter, CareerBuilder, Monster—and more. Then the ATS allows your sourcers and recruiters to automate their reach-out to these professionals. All the communications that follow are recorded carefully into the Exelare hub.

Are you starting to get the picture of how Exelare can help your business?

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