We never seem to have enough time—that holds true for virtually everybody in the professional world, recruiters included. For recruiters, their time deficits often stem from fast-approaching deadlines, as clients frequently need to fill a position ASAP, and preferably yesterday.

Increasing Your Recruiting Team's Productivity

Unfortunately, there is no magic bullet when it comes to boosting productivity and making the most of one’s working hours, but you can take advantage of some basic strategies that can help your team reach its recruiting goals.

Remember to Take a Break – Paradoxically, you can increase productivity by giving your team regular opportunities to be unproductive for a few brief periods in the day. No one should feel that they can’t take a break when they need one. Sitting behind a desk all day just isn’t healthy, and, if everyone feels pressured to stay in their cubicles nonstop, it’s likely that team morale will decline—and productivity with it.

Maintain Your Talent Pool – As we’ve mentioned before, any recruiter should have a talent pool of candidates who have gone through some kind of pre-qualification process. When you’re presented with an opening that must be filled pronto, you can reach into your existing pool for leads. It’s a lot less time-consuming than starting your search from scratch.

Give Out Performance Bonuses – Having quantifiable goals to achieve is a good way to give the team a clear target to aim at—but what happens if they succeed? You should provide some kind of positive reinforcement for a job well done, some reward that goes beyond “not getting fired.”

Giving out a team bonus, where everyone gets the same amount added to their paycheck, is a one way to reward the attainment of a productivity goal without putting team members in competition with one another.


Get the Right Resume Tracking Software – To a significant extent, boosting productivity means minimizing the time you spend with unnecessary or redundant tasks. That’s why you need up-to-date applicant tracking software that can help your team organize and coordinate the various tasks that must be completed.

Exelare’s ATS software gives recruiters an array of time-saving tools, such as automated uploading of job postings to literally hundreds of internet boards.