It’s a safe bet to assume a key goal of 2021 is to speed up your recruiting process. Having an empty seat in a department places more stress on the entire team. The more time it takes to fill that seat, the more cost and frustration will mount up. That pressure can lead to bad hiring decisions that cost organizations even more money. We have eight ways you can make your recruiting process easier and more effective this year. 

Eight Ways to Speed Up Recruiting 

Where are the bottlenecks in your recruiting effort? Are you having trouble keeping up with the volume of applicants? Does your resume review process take too long because you’re bogged down in unqualified applicants? Is the interview and decision-making process unwieldy?  

All of these issues can bog down your recruiting efforts. Once you’ve identified these key internal issues, it’s time to look at these strategies to improve your process: 

  1. Consider your recruiting strategy. Are you simply “posting and praying,” or do you have a proactive method for identifying your ideal candidates and then searching them out? Job boards are great but are they getting you the highest quality candidates you need? 
  2. How is your ad? There are ten poorly written advertisements for every one good ad. Ask yourself if the ad is attracting the level of candidates you need? A good job ad is one that discusses culture as much as job requirements and seeks to engage the candidate in the vision of their work in your company. 
  3. Are you mobile-first? There are thousands of companies out there that haven’t optimized their process for mobile. It’s a huge problem and frustrating for candidates who try to apply and then abandon the effort because your process isn’t geared for today’s mobile-centric candidate. 
  4. Are you using social media? It’s a longer process, so some recruiters abandon it entirely—and that’s a mistake. Social is perfect for building a presence with passive candidates who are often the most committed to finding the absolute perfect fit for their goals. When they find it, they stick.  
  5. Are you reaching out to your employees, both to promote from within but also to get candidate leads? This is critical to speed up the recruiting process while improving the quality of the candidates you find. 
  6. Be smart about the candidates you speak with. Don’t waste time on candidates that don’t fit the position. It may seem a little ruthless, but the truth is your time is extraordinarily valuable to the entire team. It’s okay to “be ruthless” in your efforts to find the right resumes by culling candidates. Never spend time on a candidate you know will simply not be the right fit for the role.  
  7. Increase your interviewing flexibility by offering to talk to candidates after 5 pm or on a Saturday. Use video screening frequently and make every effort to increase the convenience of your interview process. This extra effort will let the candidate know you’re interested in their candidacy and willing to use personal time to meet company goals.  
  8. How is your applicant tracking system (ATS)? Without the right tools to automate manual processes, your recruiting will be unnecessarily slow and cumbersome. Today’s sophisticated ATS tools use artificial intelligence to help you work smarter. They can streamline candidate tracking and improve reporting so you can see at a glance what techniques are working well. 

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