When it comes to any business, technology is both an enabler and a disruptor. Technology helps small businesses and startups compete with big players in the marketplace. New software tools in the cloud have revolutionized how we do business. How do small organizations benefit from IT? Whether it’s video conferencing to bring remote teams together during global pandemics or sophisticated yet easy-to-use applicant tracking systems to find candidates, today’s small businesses need technology to optimize and streamline their efficiency. Here are some of the benefits of technology in business and why small companies must leverage technology to get ahead.

Technology and Team Collaboration

Team collaboration software has been particularly helpful as organizations moved many of their workers remote during the pandemic. Organizations use instant messaging tools, video conferencing, email, and even texting to keep the conversation going no matter where their workers may be. Online document storage is another form of software for small businesses that have done away with the old hard file filing systems, enabling document collaboration and file sharing.

The cloud has enabled all of these software options for small businesses. Just a decade ago, companies had access to all kinds of helpful software but were forced to purchase expensive licenses and install the software manually on their computers. Today, software as a service or SaaS models allow a manageable monthly subscription for companies that want to access expensive tools online. SaaS models proliferate, and they have been exceptionally helpful for small companies who don’t have big budgets. It is this kind of democratization of workplace collaboration software that has been extremely beneficial to even the smallest of companies.

Technology and Resource Management

Resource management is a huge issue for any company, but today’s online software technologies help small businesses work a little smarter. For example, consider the convenience of being able to see multiple coworkers’ calendars as a normal part of your workday. Without technology, scheduling would be an unwieldy task. Today’s customer resource management (CRM) software is another tech tool that you may take for granted, but its impact is staggering. Today, a CRM is your lifeline to the customer journey. These technology tools allow you to see why and when the customer reached out to your company last. You can track their buying patterns or see if they are repeat shoppers. Basic tasks can automate, and you can email the customer and have a record of the conversation. This gives the small business owner a way to keep track of clients and potential clients to manage their way into customer loyalty and higher retention.

Another resource management area where technology has helped is recruiting and onboarding. Managing the dozens of applicants to your business is hard without a great technology tool to help you track all the minute details of your interactions. That’s where a cloud-based tech tool like Exelare can help your business. If you haven’t experienced the benefits of an applicant tracking system you are in for a treat. Contact to find out how our next-generation software could help you build your business.