To say that recruiting isn’t a particularly easy job may be eye-rollingly obvious to professionals in the field, but that’s not just a cliché—it’s a fact that can have serious career consequences. Successful recruiting involves juggling a number of dissimilar tasks and responsibilities, usually under deadlines approaching too quickly for comfort. It’s not a job that can be performed on autopilot, so to speak. That’s why burnout is a real problem for recruiters.

As a manager of a recruiting team, your actions—or inactions—can play a huge role in keeping your personnel from succumbing to career fatigue. Here are some simple motivational tips to consider.

performance-based rewards

Offer Rewards

Everyone appreciates being recognized for a job well done. It’s not difficult to honor workplace achievements in an appropriate fashion. You could, for instance, award a gift certificate to a recruiter who has surpassed a certain performance metric.

If you’re concerned about creating rivalry among your employees, you could instead opt to give out team-based awards that recognize collective achievements—e.g., everyone gets a small bonus on their next paycheck if the company successfully places X-number of candidates. Employee rewards shouldn’t be just an end-of-year event, either; try to make them available on an ongoing basis.

Help Your Team

It seems as if there’s always too little time to do what needs to be done. If your team needs some temporary assistance—with sifting through resumes, for example, or sending emails to candidates—then get in the trenches along with them. That not only gets things done faster, it also sends a clear message to your employees that you’re a member of the team, not a dictator who issues orders from a distance.

Use Up-to-Date Recruiting Software

A big cause of burnout among professional recruiters is the stress involved in juggling too many tasks. Don’t make your team waste time with redundant tasks that can be automated—use recruiting software and related tools to take over some of these functions.

With the Exelare applicant tracking system, your team can access a number of time-saving features for organizing candidate data, sending emails, searching old resumes, and tracking the placement process from beginning to end.

Applicant tracking software