Exelare continues to evolve!  We have killed a few more bugs, tweaked some existing features and added a few new ones.

xBar Outlook Add-in

Link Email Attachments to Records in Exelare

The latest release of the xBar includes a new feature that enables you to link attachments in an email to the sender or any other record in the database.  Simply click the Link Documents button in the xBar, select the type of record you want to link the attachments to, select the record you want and you’re done.


Email Address Book

We’ve added an Email Address Book button the the xBar.  When you create a new mail or are replying or forwarding an existing mail, go to your Outlook Add-ins and You will see the Address Book button.  Click on the button to pull up a lookup window to search for email addresses of contacts and candidates, just like emailing from Exelare.


Rich Text Editing of Job Descriptions

We have added HTML editing functionality to the Job Description field in an Exelare job record.  This simple to use and straight forward design gives you the editing power to format and edit your job description.

Exelare Mobile App

Unlike a lot of mobile apps that serve as a glorified rolodex, Exelare mobile has always provided
advanced functionality and we have refined existing features and added even more in recent weeks.


Add Records and Calendar Items

You can now create new records in Exelare Mobile for companies, client contacts, candidates and jobs
directly from the mobile app.  Log into the app, click companies, contacts, candidates or jobs, then click the plus sign and create a record.  To add a calendar item, select the day you want to schedule an item and then the plus sign.

Improved Editing and Scrolling of Notes

We have changed the way you read and save QNotes and Detailed Notes in the Exelare mobile app.  The old way made scrolling through a records notes very sensitive. You will now see an Edit button on the upper right of the screen.  Click edit to enter editing mode and save to save your edit.


Calendar Item Views Refined

The calendar loads just the logged in user’s calendar items and can be changed to view all calendar items by pressing the button on the upper right to toggle back and forth between My Rems (reminders) and All.

Download the Exelare Mobile App free of charge on the Apple App Store or the Android Play Store.