Being a recruiter isn’t easy. You are often left trying to guess exactly what candidates are needed to fill open positions. Without the right information and technology in the form of resume tracking software and CRMs, it can be difficult to identify problem areas as opposed to successful ones. In such a competitive marketplace, you need all the information and effective tools you can get your hands on.

Tips for Recruiters

Connect with Managers

Whenever possible, the recruiter needs to prioritize a connection with any managers that will be dealing with the people that are being recruited. This allows you to understand their different needs so that you can make sure you are recruiting the right applicants to fill open positions. This means having in-depth chats with the people who are going to rely on the candidates.

Utilize Hiring Software

Rather than having to sort through all of the candidates, use tools that include resume tracking software, CRM, and other hiring tools. Look for software solutions like that offered by Exelare, which addresses every phase of the hiring process and has unique features like alerts for specific individuals in the process. You want to save time, but you also want to make sure you are looking for the right talent. Do away with long emails and, instead, let every person in the process see where you stand, as well as all of the interactions between each person on the team including the applicants themselves.

The days of sorting through a pile of resumes are over. Now, you can set target keywords to identify qualified candidates. You can even test their ability to follow instructions before they ever get hired by doing things like requiring certain phrases in the resume or application. Use the management to identify the information you need to recruit the ideal candidate.

Eliminate the wrong candidates by setting requirements for the application process itself, and narrow down your results by keywords based on qualifications. Then it’s just a matter of each person in the process connecting with the applicant and finding the one that meets each of their needs or criteria. Talk to Exelare today about meeting your recruitment needs.

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