Whether you are a staffing agency or you’re a recruiting team, it is important to be aware of the best practices being used by successful recruiting teams. You can tailor these strategies to fit your own business needs and, in turn, bring in more qualified talent. Tools like resume tracking software and localized ads can go a long way toward reducing your costs through the hiring process.

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Use Recruiting Software to Help Test Before You Interview

There are quite a few ways you can weed out applicants before you even look at their resumes. When you’re using recruiting software, use the search feature to find target keywords so that only the applicants you really want are being considered. Beyond that, ask applicants to do a simple task, like mention a specific phrase in their cover letter. An applicant who can’t follow simple instructions probably isn’t the kind of ideal employee you’re looking for.

Customize Ads

When you have recruiting ads running in different geographical areas, make sure they are specific to their location. Different facilities require specific training, levels of education, and more. For example, what works in the U.S. may not work in the U.K., and you don’t want to give your candidates the wrong impression or offend them due to various cultural norms.

Look to Employees for Referrals

Why wouldn’t you look past candidates for referrals? They know what you need and they know what you have to offer. Above and beyond that, they don’t want to pick up the slack for someone who can’t or won’t do their job effectively. Your former candidates aren’t going to refer someone who is going to make their own job harder. Offer some sort of incentive and give them your every reason to want to refer someone to your company.

Ask for Experience or Skills

This is where it gets complicated at times. Many of our clients don’t want to hold anyone’s hand, but they also want potential employees to do things the way they are trained. A solid education doesn’t always cut it because there is a big difference between theory and practice. Search for keywords within your ATS software that confirm their experience or skills instead of just their college degrees.

Exelare has just the right resume tracking software to perform all the tasks we’ve highlighted in this blog, and much more, including methodically tracking every phase of the recruiting process. Feel free to reach out to our team today to learn more about our recruiting platform.

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