Customer service remains the heart of every business. This is particularly true in an era when social media usage is so widespread. Customers of all ages are internet-savvy enough to leave a comment on social media, whether it’s Yelp!, a Google review or a Facebook post. The ripples from a positive or negative review by your customers can go a lot further today; which is exactly why customer service is so important to your brand and marketplace image. Here’s how your company can use proven techniques that will help you keep the customer satisfied.

On the Front Lines of Customer Service

Customer service begins with the customer support team. That may consist of a person working a register at a storefront or an account manager in a call center. Either way, their role is crucial to customer retention and your overall brand image. These professionals handle a high volume of interactions with customers. If these professionals create a customer service experience infused with goodwill and value, they will facilitate long-term repeat customer business.

To make an impact, customer service professionals are tasked with laying the foundation for the customer experience instead of a one-off purchase. Too often, organizations fail to train customer service reps in some of the basic processes that fulfill the needs, wants and priorities of their customers. Start with the simple directives to ensure better outcomes for your employees and the guests they serve:

  • Treat customers the way you want to be treated.
  • Know your products.
  • Stay calm, even in the face of pressure.
  • Do what you promise.
  • Give more than was expected.
  • Express gratitude for their patronage.

The key to these interactions is to recognize that you are there to serve your customers. If your company is engaged in B2B and not B2C, when was the last time you thought about what you could do to support your customers’ businesses? Give some thought to how you can strengthen these partnerships.

Behind these directives lies a strategic approach that understands exactly what your customers want from your business and the products or services you offer. To fulfill customer needs, organizations must create a consistent methodology for fulfilling customer demand. Keeping the customer journey consistent requires coordinated and consistent communication that drives satisfaction and loyalty across every point of customer contact. This effort will pay off in a secondary impact on your social media presence. Engaging customers in a positive experience with your brand, and then encouraging them to spread the good word in their favorite social media channel is a low-cost but highly effective method for increasing sales.

The customer support strategy you develop should be part of an overarching marketing mission to build the brand in your target audience. Instead of approaching customer care as a separate strategy, use it as a vital part of the marketing effort to first invite customers in, then warmly engage them in what you’re selling.

Customer satisfaction begins with finding the right employees for your business. Companies work closely with Exelare to use our powerful recruiting and applicant tracking software to find and engage with talent. Schedule a demo to find out how we can help your organization excel.