exelare_logo_4c-vector2If you saw the sneak peek video of Exelare a couple of weeks ago, you might be excited to give it a try.  Its taken us a while to get where we are, but in the end it will absolutely be worth the wait.  We have found a way to give you the full functionality of a desktop application, delivered through the web browser.  Its called a Rich Internet Application (RIA) and it really is the best of both worlds.  Here is what we have planned moving forward:

Initial Alpha Release

Starting two weeks ago, our Alpha release is available to a limited subset of clients that are interested in trying it out.  We are asking these users to provide us with feedback on how the application is working for them so we can tweak it and make it the best possible solution it can be.

The alpha release will last as long as it needs to so we can get it ready for a Beta release.  Obviously we would love to make it available as soon as possible.  That being said, it is extremely important that we iron out any kinks before a larger group of users starts using it day to day.

Are you a current cBizOne Cloud client and want to try out Exelare for yourself?  Head on over to our sign up page and fill out the form.  We will contact you as soon as we have space available for you in the Alpha.

What features will be in Exelare?

Originally the plan was to simply transfer all the features from cBizOne, but we quickly realized that wasn’t the best strategy.  Instead of copying all the features over, we are taking a fresh approach.  Right now we have very basic features only.  Features that everyone needs will be there like candidate, contact & jobs management, importing resumes, advanced searching for candidates and of course, Live Search.  But other features might be tweaked or replaced altogether.  Features like Pipeline management, Reports & Dashboards, Social Media Integration and the like.  We are taking a hard look at how these have been implemented in cBizOne and how we can improve them in Exelare.  Alpha users will play a big role in providing feedback and helping us to drive these changes.

The good news is that in the beginning, you don’t have to choose between Exelare and cBizOne.  Both applications will be tied to the same database.  This means that anything you do in cBizOne you will see in Exelare and vice versa.  Our hope is that this will provide an extremely smooth transition for current customers.  As more and more features are added to Exelare, eventually you might find yourself forgetting to use cBizOne altogether – because you won’t need it.

Is cBizOne going away?

We have no plans of eliminating cBizOne at any point in the near future.  Many of our clients love being able to host their own databases and manage their own servers.  We get that.  Its the reason many of you choose cBizOne over other vendors.  Please know we won’t be forcing your hand.  If you decide you like cBizOne better than Exelare, even a few years from now, we aren’t going to make you stop using it.  We love that you love cBizOne, and we won’t be the ones to take that away from you.

Can I suggest some features I’d like to see in Exelare?

We thought you’d never ask!  Of course!  You can always email us, but lets try something a little different.  Use the comments section below to share your most wanted features.  What would you love to see in Exelare?  What would make your recruiting day easier if you could have just one (or two or three) things?  Please be as specific as possible so other users know what you are asking for and they can reply to you in support of your ideas!

Not every feature requested will make it of course, but the more ideas and feedback we get from all of you, the more likely it will be to influence the development process.  So with that being said, I’ll turn it over to you…..   What is your vision for Exelare?