Communication is the key to managing relationships, and the 2021 Exelare Jobvite survey shows that it’s also key to managing a better candidate experience. Each year, Jobvite surveys more than a thousand U.S. workers to find out their attitudes towards work. This year we found out just how important communication is to the people we’re trying to hire. Here’s what you should know for 2021.

Candidate Communication = Better Candidate Experience

The number one influencer of a better candidate experience was communication, according to the survey this year. Ease of scheduling and a simple application process were also high on the list. But candidates said the right amount of clear communication during the interview process is what made for a positive experience when applying for jobs. 

A positive candidate experience means goodwill in the workplace. Candidates that have a bad experience with your company won’t hesitate to go on job boards and let others know they had problems with your company. But a more positive candidate experience means you’ll have a better chance of hiring top talent. 

The Exelare/Jobvite survey shows, however, that we’re still not getting it right. The numbers are creeping upwards for behaviors by hiring teams that create a poor experience. For example:

  • 42% of candidates in 2020 say they experienced a lack of response from the employer. That number climbed to 48% this year.
  • In 2020, 20% of candidates said that they had little or no explanation of the company values, mission, or vision during the interview process. This year the number increased to 22%.
  • 24% of job applicants in 2020 said they experienced a complicated job application process. This year 25% said the same.

Clear communication matters during the job application process. How do candidates want to be communicated with? The survey covered this area as well:

  • 69% want an in-person interview.
  • 60% say they prefer a call.
  • Only 46% of candidates say they prefer a video conference.
  • 34% like email communication. 
  • Despite the prevalence of texting in our society, only 30% say they prefer texting during the candidate process.

The majority of candidates (51%) say they have been texted by recruiters to schedule an interview. How can recruiting teams apply what we’ve learned from this survey?

How to Improve Candidate Communication for a Better Experience

An applicant tracking system (ATS) is one of the best automation tools out there today to improve the candidate experience. If you have a best-in-class ATS, you can set up automated emails that are personalized to the candidate. When a candidate applies, they can receive immediate notification that you’ve received their application. It’s a great way to acknowledge that you’re reviewing someone’s resume, which alleviates the “down the well” syndrome where the candidate submits their resume and never hears back. These tools can also be used to speed up the candidate scheduling and interview process so that every candidate has a faster process, your team has greater efficiencies, and communication is flowing smoothly between everyone involved.

Exelare is in the business of improving candidate communication.

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