Social media has become a very powerful hiring tool. Not only does it allow job searchers to reach out to different companies, it also lets recruiters search for talent. Using applicant tracking software and other tools combined with social media talent searching can allow recruiters to find the best candidates for their openings.

Searching on Social Media

Social Media Tools

LinkedIn is a popular site for finding employees. There is a great deal of networking and job searching going on within this popular social network, as it is primarily designed for exactly that reason. Facebook and Twitter can also be helpful, thanks to the use of hashtags and personal profiles. Not only can recruiters find people who are looking for a position, but they can also see their profiles to determine work ethic, communication habits, and other personality traits.

Finally, many ATS tools allow recruiters to post job listings directly to social media platforms for instant exposure.

What to Look For on Social Media

The main item to remember as a recruiter is that many people don’t necessarily use their social media accounts only for job searching. There are pieces of their lives, interests, and morality that are shown through lifestyle posts. Look for posts about current events, volunteering, commentary on their work, and how they communicate with people. Yes, spelling and grammar are points to consider when searching for talent on social media.

Things that may remove a person from consideration include “trolling” comments, drug use posts, alcohol consumption, and the evidence of a lot of drama in the person’s life. Anyone looking for a job should be aware of the image they present on social media, because it is a public medium.

Exelare software helps with every aspect of talent searching, recruiting, and hiring. Integrate your social media talent search with helpful recruitment CRM systems to make sure that you get the best of the best for your team. Finding talent no longer means posting an ad in the paper and sorting through a few dozen resumes.

Now, thanks to social media, you have access to all sorts of information about a person before you even look at their resume, which can help to ensure that new hires are a good fit for your company.

Searching on Social Media