These days employers are looking for different types of talent beyond the traditional resource. If the employee is a great multitasker that can wear a lot of hats, they offer a company more than if they are just a career-tracked single resource. Today, finding talent is hard; finding the right talent with a unique set of skills that fit your culture is a job in itself.

What Unique Skills Do You Want On Your Team?

Look for These Skills in 2022

The skills we’re outlining in this blog are not truly unique, but just hard to find. Some of these skills you’ll have seen written about in countless blogs over the past years, but the reality is that finding them today at least seems harder than it may have in the past. We’re talking about:

  • Critical thinking skills. You use these skills so frequently in every job that they might be overlooked. But we believe critical thinking is a dying art. Finding a candidate that can analyze evidence, test ideas, and question assumptions are critical if you’re looking for the leaders of the future. Critical thinking can be taught in a classroom, but unless it’s applied in real-world job settings, it simply won’t be a skill that’s been honed enough to be truly useful.
  • Collaboration is an oldie but a goodie, in terms of human skillsets on the job. However, in today’s new dispersed, remote environments, collaboration is tougher to develop and maintain in today’s workforce. Interacting with colleagues on Zoom or Slack simply is a different type of skill from the kind of face-to-face team building that collaboration can truly bring.
  • Work ethic may be a controversial skill to mention. Why? Because we hear the media frequently quoting pundits who say “People just don’t want to work anymore.” We find that hard to believe. What we do believe is that work ethic is more readily applied these days when the employee feels valued for their effort. Your job, as the employer, is to create an environment in which the employee wants to apply their work ethic on your behalf. With that said, one employer survey showed only 42.5% of employees exhibit a strong work ethic. To find these workers Fit Small Business says you should hire employees based not just on their skills and experience but also have a productivity mindset. Look for candidates that exhibit dependability and self-discipline to ferret out those with strong work ethics.
  •  Oral and written communication skills. In an era where texting is the top form of communication for just about everyone, it’s not only possible but probable that our grammar skills may decline somewhat. NBC News says,“Texting really is ruining personal relationships.” What makes for positive personal relationships? Communication. With Facetime, Zoom, Snapchat, and more, face-to-face conversation occurs less frequently. For a frequent texter, switching to actual composition, whether in an email or in some other written communication, maybe harder. Along with the ability to write and communicate verbally, look for candidates who can listen as much as they can talk—because, after all, that’s a part of good communication, too.

Does Your Team Have These Skills?

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