When it comes to executive recruiting, we all want to find those dynamic, creative, impassioned individuals who know how to promote growth and excellence within an organization. What we don’t want is the middle-of-the-pack careerist who may have satisfactory credentials on paper but can’t really deliver the goods in a corporate environment: a cookie-cutter candidate, so to speak.

Avoid Cookie Cutter Recruiting

Yet, how can you, as a recruiter, avoid settling for mediocrity in your executive search? We have a few suggestions.

Consider “Off-Center” Candidates – The most logical approach to recruiting is to find candidates who have a proven track record of carrying out the same kinds of tasks that the new position requires. The merits of this approach are readily apparent—but it can lead to cookie-cutting hiring. Candidates who have been doing the same things for years are more likely to have fallen into a dull routine, or they may be rapidly heading down that path. Don’t hesitate to consider a candidate whose range of experience may not entirely line up with the job description.

Be Cautious with Incurious Candidates – Good candidates want to know about the company that may hire them. They want to know what the company does, its internal hierarchy, its long-range plans, its expectations for the candidate’s position, and many other things. Beware the candidate who doesn’t care so much about those considerations and tries to project a sort of vague catch-all confidence in their abilities.

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Be Aware of the Client’s Goals – Recruiters often hear about the need to find candidates who fit a company’s culture. This is sound advice—up to a point—but sometimes what a company needs is a fresh point of view, not the same old habits.

If the client has been bleeding revenue for years, it should be open to candidates outside the mold of their predecessors. Why would they stay on the same unsuccessful path? Don’t look only at the client’s history; look at his or her future, and select candidates accordingly.

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