Outdated applicant tracking systems just don’t have the functionality of today’s modern systems. If you have a legacy ATS you know exactly what we’re talking about. You may have plenty of workarounds to make your old system do what it needs to do. These platforms may get the job done but the extra steps necessary to post and track jobs and candidates make them frustrating and unwieldy. There is a better way to do your work.

Why Should Your Business Use Exelare’s Job Portal?

What’s Wrong with Your Legacy ATS?

We’re going to share a bold fact: Your legacy ATS barely gets the job done. In this market, you need a streamlined tool optimized for mobile that uses AI to help you work smarter. Recruiters need every advantage and you won’t find many in traditional ATS platforms. The point of modern ATS tools is that they become more than the central repository for candidate resumes but instead become a jobs portal and a hub for oversight at every level of the recruiting organization. Legacy platforms aren’t the single source of truth you need for modern recruiting. What do legacy ATS systems lack:

  • Build-in messaging and automation.
  • Analytics that require a developer to run the reporting functionality.
  • Mobile-first end-user interfaces that make applying on a smartphone easy and fast.
  • Advanced tagging, archiving, and search features.

Consequently, many job postings are still manually processed. Recruiters end up communicating with candidates and even members of their hiring teams outside the ATS. Here’s an easy test: 

  • Does your recruiting team still use Excel? 
  • Is the ATS integrated with common communication tools the recruiters use every day?
  • Is your HR team manually posting ads to job boards?
  • Do you have to put in an IT ticket to get a report run?
  • Does scheduling candidate interviews occur outside the jobs portal?
  • You’re not using or don’t have the ability to tag candidates based on their skills and experiences—which makes it harder to search for the candidates you need. 
  • You’re using more manual tasks than automation.

These are all bad signs that your team is missing the feature functionality of modern ATS job portals—like Exelare.

Why is the Exelare Job Portal Exactly What You Need?

Some of the modern functionality you may be missing in your outdated ATS are prominently featured and easy to use in Exelare. Can your job portal do this?

  • Create job descriptions from inside the ATS and automatically post to all the job boards you need with one click.
  • Parse resumes by pre-selecting specific keywords to speed up the review process.
  • Run customizable reporting from the single source of truth dashboard.
  • Coordinate the entire interview process within the candidate record from a jobs dashboard that lets you see at a glance how close you are to closing the req.

Exelare is optimized for a mobile candidate environment. Your jobs portal is also optimized, meaning the view adjusts appropriately for any screen size. This feature can help encourage more candidates to apply from their mobile screens. 

Exelare also integrates via flexible application program interfaces (APIs) with just about any other existing software. This opens the door on customizing our tool to play very well with other software products.

Ready to Use Exelare’s Job Portal?

Don’t take our word for it. Click here to schedule a demo of Exelare to find out why this jobs portal is a better choice for today’s recruiting teams.