Talk about a wild ride. The job market has been up and down recently more than your favorite amusement park ride. Trust us, you haven’t made it to the finish line yet, either. If you’re a recruiter, hiring manager, or business owner, you can expect this volatility to stick around for a while. Here are the top trends you can expect this year.

What Are The Current Job Trends in 2022?

Trend 1—Remote Work is Sticking Around

According to FlexJobs, nearly 60% of your workforce wants to stay home to work. This is not a trend that was here before the pandemic. Watch for candidates in 2022 to be more attracted to your jobs if there ae remote or hybrid options available.

Trend 2—Work Flexibility is Here

In addition to remote work, the types of employment contracts we’re willing to take on have shifted. There are more contract jobs now, one-off piece work, commission-based arrangements, temp assignments—and we like it. These diverse ways of working offer more flexibility for employees who are trying more than ever to balance work demands with life and family. Traditional salary work, while still out there, is being edged out by more flexible arrangements. 

Trend 3—Candidates Expect More

You’d better sit down before you read this: Four million Americans have quit their jobs every month for the past six consecutive months. Candidates are no longer willing to put up with low pay or poor working conditions. Generally, candidates know their worth within the context of a hot job market—and you should, too, if you want to attract them to your company. Expect to pay more for talent than you have in the past and to work harder to retain your teams.

Trend 4—Better Benefits

Along with the trend of higher pay, you can expect your candidates to look for better perks and benefits. Medical coverage and 401(k) are just the beginning. From flex time to educational benefits, employers will ramp up their offerings for job seekers to attract them to their companies. 

Trend 5—DEI

Diversity, equity, and inclusion must become a driving factor in your business if you want candidates to pick you over the competition. In the past few years, this issue has risen to the forefront of our consciousness as social justice protests made the news. Candidates are looking for a commitment to DEI and in fact, the majority of them base their selection of a job on this criteria. Tech Radar says, “An equitable and inclusive workforce will attract and retain a happier and more diverse workforce, and that’s a win in every aspect of the business.” 

What Job Trends Excite You?

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