The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) reports 60% of job seekers abandon their online applications. That should be a huge red flag for recruiters well before they get the bill for their cost-per-click recruiting models or end up with a flawed candidate selection during the hiring process. While many enterprise organizations still believe that lengthy applications mean a better and more determined caliber of a candidate, that is outdated thinking not suited for the modern era of cell phones and other forms of digital communications. What are you doing wrong? Why are your best candidates leaving their cart half full? 

Why Are Candidates Frustrated with Your Application Process? 

Today’s job applicants are likely applying through their mobile devices. This is a problem for any organization that fails to go mobile-first in their application process. But this isn’t the only issue. Applicants drop out of the application process before completion because: 

  • The process is broken. It’s too long. Data from the candidate’s resume doesn’t populate into the organization’s applicant tracking system (ATS)—if it loads anything at all. This leaves candidates laboriously retyping their resume into the system. Now imagine doing that on a cell phone, and you’ll start to get a clearer picture of why your application process is broken. 
  • You haven’t modernized for mobile. Millennials sleep with their phones and use them for everything from paying bills to ordering food. One study showed 35% of the population would prefer to use their cell phones to apply for a job, and another 58% are using these digital devices to hunt for a job. If your application isn’t user-friendly to the small screen, the candidates won’t persist, they will move on. 
  • You’re treating an application like an interrogation. Why does a new candidate have to give you references at the front end of the process? How many screening questions do you have upfront before the candidate can even send you a resume?  

When was the last time you tried to apply for a job at your company? Try it. If you get frustrated, imagine how a candidate with no real connection to your company would feel? There is a better way. 

Crafting the Perfect Application Process 

Today’s modern ATS platforms are mobile-first and geared for the small screen. They eliminate the “set up an account and log in” process that many organizations still use. They can prescreen candidates to cull out the apparent mismatches. These ATS tools use artificial intelligence (AI) tools to improve the application process and help your recruiting team work smarter. 

However, you need to back these systems up with a streamlined application process that is more humane, user-friendly, and efficient. You’ve heard about the phrase “candidate experience?” The best candidates know their credentials come with job choices, so they are less willing to sit through your outdated application process. Determine the bare necessities for the application process and let your recruiting team do the rest. You will decrease the number of drop-outs and get better applications. 

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