Please join us for our upcoming Webinar with Danny Cahill on February 12th, 2016 at 11am CST!

What You Can Learn from Rookies!

Do you remember you? Probably not. Memory is the gift God gives so we can have roses in December. But you were different when you were a rookie. You went at it differently, said different things, made different choices. Then you were afraid to stop calling. Now you are afraid to start. Then you were afraid you couldn’t do it. Now you worry you can’t keep doing it.

You could learn a lot from you! Danny is noted for his work with some of the world’s top producers and sharing their techniques. But in this 30 minute session he will talk about the habits, hopes and assumptions of rookies! You work smart. They work hard. Imagine doing both!! Imagine going at it now like you used to then, armed with the knowledge you now have. Maybe you can.  If you are not done learning, and if, you can remember you!

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The webinar is sponsored by both Alleanza Partners & Exelare, and is completely free to attend!  We are providing this free webinar in celebration of the recent integration between Alleanza Partners & Exelare.  Click here To learn more about how Alleanza integrates with Exelare to provide Full Time/Direct Hire Recruiters new tools to bill more and automate their back office functions!

About Danny Cahill

Danny Cahill started at Hobson Associates right out of college. He became its Rookie of the Year, top producer and general manager by the age of 26. At 27 he bought the company and has since built it into one of the country’s largest search firms specializing in Software Sales, Bio Tech Sales and Industrial Sales talent. He is the only industry “guru” that runs a search firm every day. He does what you do.

About the Alleanza Partners & Exelare Integration

The Exelare Recruiting Platform + the Recruiting Industry’s Premier Back Office Provider, fully integrated!

Once Activated on your account, you will see the ‘Alleanza Button’ on all of your jobs.  Do what you already do in Exelare by logging a placement between a client and candidate.  Then simply click ‘Send to Alleanza’ to push the placement details to Alleanza Partners!  That’s it!  You can focus on making more placements while Alleanza takes care of the invoicing, collections, insurance, and all of the other paperwork and hassle associated with placing your contractors.   You will never have to look at a time sheet, worry about funding payroll, or getting expensive insurance. Alleanza takes care of everything, including making sure you get paid as quickly as possible for all your placements.

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