A reporting dashboard puts you in the driver’s seat. These smart software tools give managers and owners a level of transparency and scrutiny that can improve the performance of your entire team. This blog will look at the idea of IT reporting dashboards and the specific features offered by Exelare that are so effective in improving your bottom line.

What Are The Benefits of Using Exelare’s Recruiting KPI Dashboard & Reporting Systems

What is a Reporting Dashboard?

When you need to know, a reporting dashboard gives unprecedented access into the activities that can make or break your business. Companies often use key performance indicators (KPIs) to track employee behaviors that impact company performance. Reporting dashboards can track activities and give real insight into what everyone is doing at a very micro level in the organization. This scrutiny is particularly important in the recruiting process today, particularly so when it’s increasingly difficult to find skilled talent.

Dashboards like Exelare can be customized to fit just about any recruiting metric you’re striving for. For example, you can track:

  • The average time to hire, meaning, how quickly are you filling jobs?
  • The cost per new hire, which is important to justify the hire but also to track the cost of losing an employee later on.
  • The offer acceptance rate, including how long from offer issuance to signing did it take?
  • The source of the application, i.e., did they apply through a job board or direct sourcing?
  • The closure rate to see how many candidates actually take the job you offered.

What are the benefits of tracking all of these recruiting numbers?

What Are the Benefits of KPI Dashboards?

KPI dashboards can drive performance across your organization. From a recruiting perspective, it can show which recruiters are having the most success at attracting and building relationships with candidates. It can flag activities like the volume of emails or calls. It gives managers and recruiters both a bird’s eye and big picture view of what’s happening across the organization. The benefits of this technology include:

  • Easy to understand visualizations that can show you at a glance what’s happening.
  • Deep dive analytics to improve performance.
  • This data is actionable—it can be used to reduce recruitment costs or increase time to hire numbers.

With this said, not all recruiting dashboards are the same. If you’ve used applicant tracking systems in the past, get ready for the next generation of these tools that are smarter and more user-friendly than in the past. Get ready—for Exelare.

Build a Better KPI Recruiting Dashboard with Exelare

As the next generation of recruiting dashboards, Exelare offers you a customizable dashboard driven behind the scenes by AI algorithms for a smarter reporting system. Our tool handles data in new ways that make it easy for your recruiters to leverage KPI tracking. We offer virtually limitless tracking of the data that matters to you most and we do it in a way that makes the end-user experience pleasant and effective. Find out how we’re different from your legacy ATS. Click here to see some of our features and schedule a demo today.