We won’t name names, but there are several wildly popular sales and CRM platforms out there that are anything but user-friendly. Can you think of a few? These platforms may have been great five or 10-years ago, but the truth is that software has modernized and become so easy to use that the latest iterations of CRMs are so much better than the old platforms. Let’s explore the old vs. new CRM debate to learn why Exelare’s Sales and CRM software is light years ahead of the traditional “Cadillac” customer relationship management platforms.

What are The Benefits of Using Exelare’s Sales and CRM Platform?

Why Next-Generation CRMs are Better than the Older Brands

If you have to use a developer to customize the features on your CRM, you’re using an old platform. Modern sales and CRMs like Exelare make it much easier for you to customize just about every feature that the platform offers. Navigation is easy and intuitive. Integration with all of your communication and organizing tools is easy. Think about your current CRM and ask yourself:

  • How hard is the platform to learn? Do you feel like your sales team only uses a few features to get their job done but is fairly clueless about maximizing the efficiency of the tool with automation or AI features? Exelare has easy automation and intuitive artificial intelligence features that allow your sales team to work smarter.
  • How hard was the platform to integrate? Can you email from the candidate record? Can you use social media like LinkedIn? How mobile-friendly is the software? Is calendaring a breeze? Exelare can connect to all of the tools you feel are important, from email and calendars to jobs management to texting. 
  • What about reporting? If you need to call the help desk to run a basic report, it’s not your fault; it’s your CRM. Exelare has customized and template reporting that requires a few clicks to automate. This data can be populated on a dashboard for your sales team and your managers and it’s easy for anyone with the right admin rights to tweak these reports so they are even more beneficial. No developers needed to configure these reports, either!
  • Does your CRM save you time? If your CRM is slowing you down, or your sales team isn’t using it because it’s too frustrating, Exelare can help with that, too. Your goal should be to free up your sales team from mundane tasks. When a CRM fails to be easy to use, when sales reps don’t automate because they don’t know how—there’s a big problem with your platform. Exelare, as the latest generation of CRM software, can help.

Ready to Learn More About Exelare’s Products?

If you’re using an older CRM, it’s time to modernize. Exelare is ready to show you a demo of our solution. You won’t realize how much time we can save you until you see our product. Call on our team today or check out our CRM functionality here.