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The Exelare Recruiting Platform + the Recruiting Industry’s Premier Back Office Provider, fully integrated!

Here is how it works

Once Activated on your account, you will see the ‘Alleanza Button’ on all of your jobs.  Do what you already do in Exelare by logging a placement between a client and candidate.  Then simply click ‘Send to Alleanza’ to push the placement details to Alleanza Partners!  That’s it!  You can focus on making more placements while Alleanza takes care of the invoicing, collections, insurance, and all of the other paperwork and hassle associated with placing your contractors.   You will never have to look at a time sheet, worry about funding payroll, or getting expensive insurance.  Alleanza takes care of everything, including making sure you get paid as quickly as possible for all your placements.

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After 20 years of saying no when my clients asked me if I could do Contract as well as Search, (wait, I still wasn’t getting it,) after reading that Contract will outpace direct hire dramatically over the next decade, I went into contract staffing, but I left my ego at the door. I knew I didn’t know anything about back office, insurance, IRS exposure, and I made it my mission to find a company that would allow me to spend my time finding candidates and making matches, and let them handle all the “stuff” I didn’t have the time to learn…the clear choice was Alleanza Partners.”

Some Additional Benefits to Exelare Users

The Many Ways You Can Save Time and Money when using the Exelare + Alleanza Partners Integration With Alleanza Without Alleanza
Contractor Placement Invoicing, Collections, Payroll Funding, Insurance, Risk Management, Tax Management, HR Management
Permanent Placement Invoicing, Collections, Insurance
Discounts on Exelare Subscription
Discounts on CareerBuilder & LinkedIn Recruiter
Discounts on According To Danny – Top Producer Recruiter Training, Resources, Scripts, Video Library, Documents
Discounts on Subscriptions to Premier Split Networks,  FeeTrader & Recruiters Connection
Discounts on Online Skills Testing Platform, Kenexa
Discounts on Every Day Office Items & Promotional Materials from Staples Retail Stores
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