Exelare is industry leading staffing and recruiting software that was created in 1999 by company founder and lead developer Kris Reddy, who sought to fill an unaddressed need in the staffing industry for software solutions specifically geared to this field.

The Exelare Advantage

Today, Exelare is a leading applicant tracking software solution for recruiting & staffing agencies, as well as a variety of professionals in related fields. Exelare recruiting software is designed to provide recruiting teams with the tools they need to locate qualified talent, communicate with candidates, and manage applicants through each phase of the recruiting pipeline.

The Exelare recruiting platform is a highly flexible and customizable resource that leverages cloud technology to enable 24/7 access from virtually anywhere. Users can generate reports, send emails, store resumes, analyze candidate data, and carry out a number of other key functions. It integrates with standard recruiter tools such as Outlook, Gmail, LinkedIn, and various internet job boards.

Worldwide Distribution

Exelare is used by thousands of staffing professionals and agencies across the globe—in North & South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. This highly scalable software has found a home in recruiting companies of all sizes, from sole proprietorships to large agencies. Exelare continues to be updated regularly. Organizations that use Exelare report improved efficiency and increased candidate placements.

Exelare recruiting & staffing software is developed and manufactured by cBizSoft, Inc., a privately owned recruiting software company. The company is currently located at 17000 Preston Road, Suite #230, Dallas, TX 75248.