Meet Exelare, An All-In-One ATS For Efficient Recruitment

Exelare is a dynamic SaaS Application Tracking System for all your recruitment needs. Whether you run a large-scale agency or a small proprietorship, our recruitment software offers flexible and customizable tools to cater to unique business models. With Exelare, you get a comprehensive recruitment CRM featuring advanced ATS tools and AI-driven candidate screening, tracking, and sourcing capabilities.

Centralized Communication

Centralizing communication between recruiters, and all involved parties in an integrated way.

Extraordinary Configurability
Providing a wide range of customization choices for recruiting processes, social media marketing, job advertising, and more.
Smart Automation
Optimizing the allocation of HR resources through the implementation of processes and AI-driven automation.
Data Accessibility
Efficiently evaluate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for all the individuals, teams, or divisions.
An All-In-One AI-Powered Applicant Tracking Software
Managing various stages of the recruitment process can be challenging, especially when you’re hiring multiple candidates. Nowadays, staffing firms require a reliable system to carry out all the necessary tasks, from sourcing candidates to onboarding them, all within a single cloud-based platform and easily accessible from any location. Our ATS simplifies the recruitment process from beginning to end by consolidating all the required activities and establishing a solid foundation for your team.
AI-Powered Candidate Matching

Effortlessly surface the best talent. Exelare’s intelligent matching engine analyzes resumes and job descriptions to pinpoint candidates with the right skills and experience, saving you time and effort in the search process.

Automated Tasks and Workflows

Streamline repetitive processes and focus on what matters. Automate tasks like email follow-ups, scheduling, and candidate movement through the pipeline, freeing up your time for more strategic activities.

Customizable Pipeline Management

Visualize and manage your recruiting journey. Tailor Exelare’s interactive pipeline to match your unique workflow, track candidates through every stage, and easily identify bottlenecks or opportunities for improvement.

Streamline Hiring with Secure Cloud ATS

cBizSoft, the makers of Exelare, have been delivering Software as a Service (Saas) to recruiting companies since 1999. Our cloud hosting infrastructure is proven, and continues to not only meet but exceed the standards of most software companies today. With a 99.98% Uptime guarantee and dedicated databases for each client, you can be happy knowing your data is not only safe, but quickly and seamlessly scalable as your company continues to grow.

Tailored Recruiting and Staffing Software for Your Role

For Recruiters

Building & Managing call lists, tracking candidate pipelines, automation of mundane tasks, effortless email marketing, mobile access. Just a few of the many ways that our software for staffing agencies helps recruiters work smarter and facilitate more placements.

For Managers
Exelare acts as your central hub for everything sourcing. With support for hundreds of resume boards, open web search & more, you won’t need to look anywhere else for new candidates. Import candidate profiles one or many at a time from a variety of formats and online resources.
For Sourcers
Building & Managing call lists, tracking candidate pipelines, automation of mundane tasks, effortless email marketing, mobile access. Just a few of the many ways that our software for staffing agencies helps recruiters work smarter and facilitate more placements.

With over 60+ User Permissions “out of the box” and an entire suite of customization tools at your fingertips, our staffing agency software makes being a software administrator easy. Exelare was built with administrators in mind so you can support the needs of your organization without hassles.

Powerful Integrations

We seamlessly integrate the Application Tracking System with your favorite existing tech stack! Here are some of them:
Secure Cloud-Based Application Tracking Software USPs
Improve Your Efficiency

Our cloud-based ATS can help you boost your productivity during the recruitment process. You can simplify tasks, access data remotely, and work collaboratively with your team from any location to promote optimal efficiency.

Increase Your Accessibility
You can securely access recruitment data from any internet-enabled device.
Achieve Scalability and Flexibility
Transform how you approach recruitment with our software’s scalability and personalization. You can adjust recruitment operations and customize the software to suit unique workflows and requirements.
Ensure Enhanced Security Measures
With Exelare, you don’t have to worry about the security of recruitment data. Our cloud-based ATS employs cutting-edge encryption and security protocols to safeguard your data against cyber-attacks. Trust us to keep your sensitive information protected at all times.
Enable Seamless Collaboration
Are you tired of the hassle and confusion of managing recruitment with a team? Our secure and centralized platform enables seamless team collaboration, making it easy to share candidate information, collaborate on hiring decisions, and track real-time progress.

Our Standout Features

Bulk Job Posting
Effortlessly expand your job search outreach. Exelare integrates seamlessly with leading job search engines, enabling you to post job listings in bulk to various major and niche job boards. Increase visibility, save time, and attract top-tier talent with a few clicks.
Parse Resumes
Simplify recruitment with our ATS softwa re. Automatically extract key information from resumes and store it in an accessible database. Easily sort, filter, and search resumes to find the best candidates, streamlining your hiring process.
Resume Harvesting
Revolutionize your recruitment strategy. Exelare’s advanced Resume Harvesting interfaces with popular resume boards, websites, and social media platforms, automating the resume-sourcing process. Boost productivity and ensure you never miss out on top talent.
Pipeline Tracking

Enhance recruitment efficiency with Exelare’s fully featured pipeline and status-tracking system. Track and manage candidates from identification to placement. Customize workflows to meet your unique needs, ensuring optimal performance and results.


Candidate Marketing
Maximize the potential of your candidate pool. Promote your candidates’ skills and summaries to relevant stakeholders confidentially. Leverage Exelare to present top talent to clients, establish industry alliances, and collaborate with trusted vendors for growth and prosperity.
Saved Lists / Hot List Management
Organize and track candidates efficiently with our Saved Lists feature. Create and maintain unlimited lists to categorize candidates by skill sets, experience levels, or job roles. Build talent pipelines for immediate hiring needs and plan strategically for future recruitment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is ATS?
An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a software program that digitally streamlines the recruiting process. An efficient ATS makes organizing applications, analyzing CVs, and assessing applicants as simple as a single click.
How Does ATS Work?
The Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a user-friendly platform everyone can access easily. All you need to do is login and click a few buttons. A simple dashboard will display all the information you need. This helps you track potential candidates, know where they stand in hiring, and predict what will happen next. You can swiftly convert potential candidates into employees with just one click of a button.
Which Types Of Companies Use ATS?
Businesses across all industries use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). These companies can range from small startups to large enterprises. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) often rely on ATS to manage their recruitment processes efficiently as they grow and handle larger volumes of applicants. Large corporations utilize ATS to streamline their hiring workflows, manage diverse talent pools, and ensure compliance with hiring regulations. Staffing and recruitment firms rely on ATS to manage candidate databases, track placements, and facilitate client interactions.
How does ATS Improve Talent Acquisition?
With an ATS, you can guarantee that your job postings reach the right individuals in the most effective ways possible. This creates a positive applicant experience from the get-go, which can lead to a larger pool of top candidates and the establishment of an efficient talent management system.
Why Should I Invest in ATS As A Startup?
As a new business, you might find yourself with all hands on deck, leaving administrative tasks to consume much of your valuable time. However, incorporating an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) can significantly optimize productivity. The ATS takes care of repetitive tasks, such as filtering resumes and scheduling interviews, which allows your team to concentrate on finding the perfect candidates. By attracting the most suitable candidates through targeted searches and providing them with a seamless experience, an ATS can help you build a strong talent pool. This leads to faster hiring, reduced costs from vacancies, and potentially lower turnover, all while increasing your employer’s brand for future hiring efforts.
How Does ATS Reduce Hiring Costs?
ATS streamlines repetitive tasks, screens out unqualified applicants, and accelerates hiring. This helps reduce the costs associated with extended job vacancies and allows your team to focus on more high-priority tasks.
What Exelare customers are saying

We are a young company that has experienced unprecedented growth in a short period of time. We were looking for an Applicant Tracking System that could keep up with not only the pace of our growth, but also the agility of our innovative company. We had a system that required multiple layers of duplicate entry and was plagued with errors as we requested changes. Projects took weeks to months to complete, and we were rarely satisfied with the results as many projects had to be reworked several times. We vetted several systems to see which one would meet our needs. Exelare not only provides a more efficient workflow for our team, but they offered a customizable experience the works much better for our ever-changing processes. I have used several Applicant Tracking Systems in my career from a small, proprietary system all the way up to a large system that has thousands of clients across the world. Exelare sits nicely in the middle where they can make ever evolving changes for us, but they have a much more robust platform that is well maintained and rarely experiences errors. Switching to Exelare was the best decision we have made for our team! They trimmed project timelines from weeks to days. They also offer comprehensive assistance during the implementation stage, whether it was helping us with training or giving advice on how best to set up a database. Their support did not stop there. They are always quick to process changes to our system, and when an error does occur on rare occasions, they handle it swiftly. We look forward to growing with Exelare.

- Rance Higgs, Hospitals and Health Care

I'm writing to offer my strong support and professional endorsement to cBizSoft and their premier product, Exelare. T3 Recruiters, has been a happy customer of cBizSoft for over four years. Since my original exposure to cBizOne (Exelare's predecessor) in 2011, I have been and I still remain extremely impressed by the product. In addition to having an excellent product, cBizSoft offers a Support staff that is genuinely interested in the success of their client companies and will go beyond expectations to ensure that whatever the request, their client is happy. When shopping for Recruiting Software, we test drove numerous systems, some at a significantly higher price point. We focused on Exelare (then cBizOne) for the ability to customize the look, feel and function. We are extremely happy with our choice and appreciate all that cBizSoft has done to help us become more profitable over the past four years. Exelare is great recruiter-specific software made by developers that understand recruiting. As a candidate-driven recruiting agency, T3 Recruiters does not operate as a lot of agencies do and have asked the support staff at cBizSoft to make numerous and sometimes significant customizations to the software itself over the years. Not only do the good people at cBizSoft stand ready to fix any glitches that might come up, they are also more than willing to go above and beyond expectations when we've needed a new form or even by collaborating with our developers to help perfect our website. With the release of Exelare, we are happy to be able to log directly into our database from anywhere. The mobile app can literally give us access to important contact information, notes, etc. at the touch of a smartphone screen from anywhere. Exelare's Support Staff is very personable and helpful. Typically when we request a customization or even when they are overcoming the occasional technological gremlin, we can count on it getting done quickly and affordably; the two most important considerations for a business.

- Blain Johnson Diesel Engine Industry

Exelare - the best platform for any recruiting agency Amazing customer support - quick responses - live support is so helpful and can resolve problems quickly. PROS Ease of use and the fact that I can set every tab to look and work the way we like it. We can set certain fields to be required before the consultants can save the information - that helps overcome user reluctance to do the work and ensures we have at least the basic info saved. CONS The mobile app interface. It's a bit clunky and doesn't offer a viable solution. REASON FOR CHOOSING EXELARE Exelare was so much more user friendly and gives much more bang for the buck! REASONS FOR SWITCHING TO EXELARE Needed something with many more functions. And Exelare was the answer. Best for the money!

- Joe Peters Staffing and Recruiting

Not glamorous but very productive! We are a 5 person, boutique recruiting firm that specializes in the insurance industry. We place mid-level to executive level positions across the country. We have a database of 40,000 candidates and needed a better way to track, code, organize and access the information. Exelare solved that for us. The product is very easy to navigate and figure out. You are not forced to do things a single way. So we were able to develop our own processes that fit our business model. Bullhorn forced you to follow their process. We also really like the support. They are extremely responsive and very willing to help us customize the product. PROS What I like most is the customization, support and capability of this software. We came from Bullhorn, which has a great user interface but is not easy or cheap to customize (unless you have a lot of users). We have 5 users and this product works very well for us. We like the integration with Outlook and how it posts jobs on our website. We like the speed of support and their willingness to work with us on many different issues. CONS There is not much we don't like about the product. Most things that we come up with, they are able to fix. REASON FOR CHOOSING EXELARE Cost and functionality. REASONS FOR SWITCHING TO EXELARE Bullhorn was very limited. They force you to do things their way. We also felt like a "small fish" when we contacted support. I know their clientele consists of some of the largest staffing firms in the world. But we're small and wanted a company that valued us. Exelare definitely appreciates us and it shows. We get an email monthly from one of their support staff just asking how everything is going (and it doesn't seem automated). They just care. We did not get any of that at Bullhorn.

- Eric Insurance

Exelare: Functional, User-Friendly, Highly-Customizable, Affordable...all things you want! Our business is very fast-paced. Our candidate base is very fluid and work with multiple companies to keep a full schedule. Exelare allows us the ability to maintain a robust candidate pipeline, quickly sift through them and reach out quicky and efficiently via email or text. The note taking functionality is easy for documenting phone conversations. Setting a future contact via a "Task" is so easy and the calendar/task list functionality makes it easy to manage your day. PROS We love Exelare for its ease of use, its rich feature set, its integration with Outlook, and the ability to text candidates directly from the application. It has awesome candidate upload/resume parse capability, easy look-up capabilities using one or more filters and a very robust resume search capability. It allows you to work fast and efficiently. The support team is so responsive and will work with us to help customize as many features as possible...and we ask for a lot! I love the support team - responsive, creative and service-focused. I can't say enough about Exelare. This is my second company where I have implemented (easily) and used Exelare for candidate recruitment and management. Our user base is spread across the United States and everyone has embraced Exelare because of its ease of use and functionality. My quote is, "It has everything you want and nothing that you don't." I am happy to serve as a reference point if anyone is interested in hearing more about my experience with Exelare. CONS I cannot think of any shortcomings at this time. I have used it for so long and as mentioned, the support team has been so accomodating when we have asked for a customized report or new feature. They are terrific. REASONS FOR SWITCHING TO EXELARE Functionality, ease of use and affordability

- Jim Burns Hospital & Health Care

Exelare has been instrumental in helping us scale and grow our organization. Exelare provides a simple way to organize candidate data and customize process. PROS The searching functions and customization capabilities have been key for our business. You can do a ton of your own modification to the data so you can search and sort through important fields to help find what you're looking for. CONS Remote capability and Mac support are somewhat limited. Due to our customized use of the system it's hard to use it on a mobile device for anything but looking up contact info.

- Jeff Staffing and Recruiting

Lots of functionality Exelare creates a single resource where all of our business activity can reside. It's been a great resource! PROS There is a lot you can do with this ATS: drop boxes, mass emails, automated job postings, great search features. The Static Views are great to make folders of candidates or contacts. You can attach extra documents to any record. CONS The interface is a bit clunky. It takes a few clicks to accomplish a task. It would be nice to be able to mass action candidates once they're linked to a job req. REASONS FOR SWITCHING TO EXELARE Reporting capabilities.

- Naomi Staffing and Recruiting

Returning customer - great experience with Exelare Sales Support ease in learning Good management of information Lots of details, added through parsing techniques, rather than manual entry...constantly evolving PROS Adaptable, ease of function and ease of learning. Since joining, we have had a great experience, through sales,support, etc. Our concerns and needs are heard and met with solutions or edits that meet our needs, and developed on a quick turnaround. Training is on demand, and always met, for my growing team CONS Some things are still manual, and need to be edited and updated. Initial set up seems to be more of an issue more recently.

- Patty Staffing and Recruiting

I have used several ATS systems over the years, some very expensive and NOT user friendly. Exelare is very user friendly and fairly priced. We were pulled away with a lot of hype a year ago, it was a mistake to leave Exelare, we returned as soon as contract was up, we wont leave again! PROS Customer support is fantastic and there is no delay in them responding to our needs. Price also a Pro: But ease of use is why we keep it! CONS Really cant think of any

- Randall Food and Beverages

Fantastic CRM! PROS Every CRM has its strengths and weaknesses, but overall Exelare provides all of the functionality I need to perform at a high-level as a technology recruiter. I've compared it to quite a few others out there and although some solutions have some bells and whistles that look cool, as recruiters we tend to do the same things day-in and day-out and frankly Exelare just seems to perform most of these functions simpler and more reliably than most other CRM's. They also continue to improve and innovate constantly, and a lot of it is driven by customer feedback which I really appreciate, and their customer service is consistently spot-on with very fast response times. Overall I love the solution and I'll be sticking with it as long as I'm in the recruiting business. CONS If I were giving this review six months ago I would have said that their Outlook integration needs to be improved as well as the process for parsing information scraped from a LinkedIn profile, but both are currently being addressed with production releases happening in the next few weeks (I've seen the beta for one of them), so they've been very aggressive about responding to their users' chief complaints.

- Ken Staffing and Recruiting
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