ATS Software for Staffing and Recruiting Firms by Industry

Exelare applicant tracking system software comes with an assortment of advanced features that have been carefully designed to address the needs of the modern recruiting professional. These high-quality resources include a first-rate sales and recruitment CRM, bulk job posting, email and calendar integration, KPI data reporting, mobile apps, and other tools that allow the user to stay plugged in 24/7, whether they’re at the office or working remotely with their smartphone.

The value of Exelare’s ATS recruitment software solutions lies in its versatility—its various features can accommodate the recruiting demands of many different industries. Let’s take a look at the diverse applications of Exelare.

Advertising and Marketing

An experienced marketing professional is a valuable commodity, and you need the right ATS recruiting software to ensure that you don’t miss your opportunity to nab top-quality talent. With Exelare’s job portal management system, you can streamline the application process to avoid unnecessary delays and complications for you and your candidates.


Sales professionals these days need state-of-the-art recruitment CRM software that allows them to interface with clients and juggle various accounts with ease. You can do this with Exelare and its high-quality sales & recruitment CRM.

High Tech

Effective hiring in the technology sector requires you to leverage the power of social media. Our applicant tracking system is integrated with Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, so you can easily search for and communicate with promising candidates.


Recruiting teams have to coordinate a wide array of tasks and cope with pressing deadlines. Our advanced ATS software for recruiting agencies help you manage the recruiting pipeline through each stage, from initial contact to hiring.


With Exelare ATS recruiting software, you can generate a broad range of reports that help you identify inefficiencies and other problem areas in your business that could adversely impact your bottom line.


Finding top talent in healthcare, whether RNs or biotech engineers, can be a tough road. Make the process easier with Exelare’s customizable platform, which gives you access to industry-specific job boards and a number of communication tools.