How Are You Reaching Out to Candidates?

Recruiting is hard these days. Finding talent, particularly in some of the more in-demand professions such as healthcare or IT is incredibly time-consuming. But how do you know you’re using all of the resources available to you? This blog will give you some tips on how to reach more candidates to speed up your time to hire numbers. What Ways Are You Reaching Out to Candidates? Best Candidate Outreach Tips Recruiters and staffing agencies have seen it all in the past two years. Global pandemic. The Great Resignation. Intense demand for new hires. Plus, intense competition for highly skilled talent. [...]

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Prevent Candidate Ghosting with Recruiting Agency Software

We tend to think of “ghosting” as it relates to online dating and social media. The term refers to the act of severing all ties and communication with someone suddenly, and without any warning. And while this certainly happens between people texting and in the world of sites like Tinder, it also happens in the staffing and recruiting field.   It’s entirely possible for candidates to ghost your recruiters, dropping all communication and simply vanishing. And a recent study by Indeed shows that it happens more often than you might think – 28 percent of candidates ghosted recruiters in 2021, up [...]

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Are You Rewarding Your Employees? 

Rewarding your employees is the perfect way to motivate them. Yet 82% of U.S. employees report that they don’t feel recognized often enough for their efforts. Rewarding your employees is critical for everything from increasing production to retaining your workforce. Here are some suggestions for how to recognize your teams and support their efforts on the job. What Are The Benefits of Rewarding Your Employees? Why Are Rewards So Rewarding? According to the latest research,79% of employees say that being recognized makes them work harder while 78% say they are more productive after they’ve received the reward. This trend is particularly relevant [...]

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What Are the Benefits of Using Exelare’s Job Portal?

Outdated applicant tracking systems just don’t have the functionality of today’s modern systems. If you have a legacy ATS you know exactly what we’re talking about. You may have plenty of workarounds to make your old system do what it needs to do. These platforms may get the job done but the extra steps necessary to post and track jobs and candidates make them frustrating and unwieldy. There is a better way to do your work. Why Should Your Business Use Exelare's Job Portal? What’s Wrong with Your Legacy ATS? We’re going to share a bold fact: Your legacy ATS [...]

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Are You Wearing Several Hats Due to Employee Turnover?

Employee turnover is at an unprecedented high. Global consulting firm Gartner predicts employee turnover will increase by almost 20% above the national average this year. That’s 37.4 million Americans predicted to quit this year alone. What happens to the business owners and managers left behind when employees exercise their rights to move on? The answer is that they put on more hats, work longer hours, and potentially, burn out. What can you do to buck this trend? How to Reduce Wearing Multiple Hats When an Employee Leaves How to Protect Yourself When Employees Leave The first thing to consider when facing lots [...]

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Why Use Exelare’s Recruiting KPI Dashboard & Reporting Systems

A reporting dashboard puts you in the driver’s seat. These smart software tools give managers and owners a level of transparency and scrutiny that can improve the performance of your entire team. This blog will look at the idea of IT reporting dashboards and the specific features offered by Exelare that are so effective in improving your bottom line. What Are The Benefits of Using Exelare's Recruiting KPI Dashboard & Reporting Systems What is a Reporting Dashboard? When you need to know, a reporting dashboard gives unprecedented access into the activities that can make or break your business. Companies often [...]

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