Would You Hire an Underqualified Applicant?

When there’s a huge shortage of talent, like there is now, employers have to make hard decisions. For example: If you had a choice between a qualified applicant and an underqualified applicant, who would you choose?But what if the underqualified applicant was much stronger in their soft skills (such as collaboration, emotional maturity, creativity, positive attitude) than the more qualified candidate?What if there are no “perfectly” qualified applicants and you’re only left with someone who doesn’t meet all your requirements? It’s time for employers to relax their job requirements a bit and consider candidates who are hungry for the job. [...]

May 18th, 2022|HR, Management|

What Job Trends to Expect in 2022

Talk about a wild ride. The job market has been up and down recently more than your favorite amusement park ride. Trust us, you haven’t made it to the finish line yet, either. If you’re a recruiter, hiring manager, or business owner, you can expect this volatility to stick around for a while. Here are the top trends you can expect this year. What Are The Current Job Trends in 2022? Trend 1—Remote Work is Sticking Around According to FlexJobs, nearly 60% of your workforce wants to stay home to work. This is not a trend that was here before [...]

May 4th, 2022|HR, Recruiters|

How to Lead a Team in 2022

The past two years have changed a lot about the way we work. For managers, however, the question arises as to how we will manage moving forward as these changes become the norm. More people than ever before are now working from home at least part of the time. The culture and connectedness that once bought us together in the office are gone. How has this changed how we manage? What will the leaders of 2022 do to adapt to these changes? What does Leading a Team in 2022 Look Like? Leading in the New Normal Charles Day in Fast [...]

April 6th, 2022|HR, Management|

What is Recruitment Software? A Guide

Finding great talent for your business is one of the most important things you can do to be successful – and profitable. But you can’t expect top talent to find their way to you without putting in any effort. That’s where recruiting software comes in. It’s the best way to hire qualified employees while maximizing efficiency in the hiring process. For several years, automation is the name of the game in hiring and recruitment. And one of recruitment software’s biggest advantages is that it largely automates recruiting processes, allowing your business to source candidates while your core staff focuses on [...]

March 25th, 2022|HR, Recruiters|

What To Look for When Hiring the Best Recruiters

What makes a good recruiter? It’s a question plaguing companies right now because the reality is that there are more open recruiter positions than even tech roles. Just about everyone needs help hiring. So, for the limited pool of recruiters on the market, how can you select the best one for your company? We have the criteria you’re looking for to help you hire. Hiring a Recruiter? Here is What to Look For Top Traits of the Best Recruiters The best recruiters incorporate hybrid skills into a job that requires creativity, organization, and people skills. The job requires many of the same [...]

March 23rd, 2022|HR, Management|

Do You Know How to Effectively Re-Engage with Candidates?

How to Re-Engage Candidates Your applicant tracking system (ATS) has mass activity automation that lets you reach piles of candidates with a message. But is that really the best way to engage and re-engage with your candidate pool? It seems like recruiting teams have KPIs that are strictly a numbers game. More candidates equal a higher chance that you’ll find someone to fit the job, right? But what about all of those candidates that are in your database already that you didn’t look at? Are you really working smarter when you open a new job search? Here’s how to re-engage [...]

February 23rd, 2022|HR, Management, Recruiters|

Don’t Lose Your Top Recruiters to Bad Culture

Did the pandemic get your recruiting team down? Try a team-building event to increase morale and productivity. Every company benefits from team builders, they help people communicate and create stronger bonds. Unfortunately, few companies have the kind of time and budget to devote to these events. Here are some tips for maximizing your team-building efforts and best practices this year so you don’t lose your top recruiters to poor culture. How to Improve Culture to Keep Top Talent From Leaving Team Building for Your Recruiting Team Your recruiting teams take a lot of hard knocks in a market like this. [...]

February 16th, 2022|HR, Management|

Hiring a Candidate Is Like Going on a Blind Date, Check Their Social Media First

A background check is one thing but a social media check takes things to a whole new level. Recruiting teams and hiring managers should take time to review the social posts of a potential hire just like they would review a background check. What is a social media background check and why should you do it? Why It Is Important To Check a Candidates Social Media What is a Social Media Background Check? A social media background check looks at the posts and profiles of the candidates you’re considering for a job. They can be conducted by professional screening firms, [...]

February 9th, 2022|HR, Management, Recruiters|

Eliminate Hours Spent Sourcing Resumes

Candidate sourcing is so time-consuming, it has developed a job title all its own. In the past, recruiters handled the sourcing, interviewing, and closing; and in some companies, they still do. However, the idea of sourcing as its own position has gradually come into its own. Here’s how Exelare’s candidate sourcing service could help your team close more candidates faster to meet your hiring goals. Understanding the Sourcing Function in Your Recruiting Team Sourcers are the armchair detectives of the recruiting world. Sourcing is a proactive process. Instead of reactively waiting for a resume to be submitted for a job, [...]

January 21st, 2022|HR, Recruiters|

How Exelare Can Change the Game for Your Recruiting Team

Applicant tracking systems have revolutionized the HR field. These software tools monitor and assist the recruiting effort in ways that create efficiencies to improve the hiring process. Over the years, our ATS tools have improved by using intelligent algorithms to speed up our teams and extend your brand.  As an ATS, Exelare is one of the newest in a long list of ATS platforms. What are the benefits of using a next-generation software tool like Exelare? Here’s how we can change the game for your recruiting team. Benefits of an ATS An ATS is an incredibly powerful tool. Three of [...]

December 17th, 2021|HR, Management|