8 Tips to Help You Become a Better Recruiter

Recruiting is hard. Recruiting is harder when there are 10 million open jobs and not enough candidates to go around. If you’re interested in becoming better at your job, we have eight tips that you can apply on the job tomorrow to help you succeed. 8 Recruiting Best Practices 1. Improve Candidate Experience When this many jobs are open, candidates have choices. So, how you treat each candidate will greatly impact your success on the job. Not only should each candidate interaction be incredibly positive, but the tools you use should also streamline the application process. Your software should automate [...]

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4 Fun Ways You Can Keep the Office Motivated

America has a retention problem. We’ve all heard about the Great Resignation, where millions of employees quit each month for other opportunities. Then there’s the research showing only about 30% of our workers are engaged in their jobs. Clearly, motivating our employees isn’t going so well. What can employers do differently to engage and retain their workforce? Here are four fun ways you can keep the office motivated. How Can You Keep the Office Motivated? 1. Create a Fun, Positive Work Environment Toxic workplaces are not only demotivating; they are a leading cause of employee turnover. You will retain your workers longer [...]

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Reasons Texting Your Candidates Should Be Part of Your Recruitment Strategy

The numbers don’t lie: 97% of Americans own a cellphone. 73% of millennials and Gen Z’ers interact digitally more than they do in real life.Text open rates are 97%—compare that to email, at just 14%. There is plenty of data showing that texting is the best form of communication for meeting candidates where they hang out. Here’s why texting should be part of your recruiting strategies. Why Should You Add Texting to Your Recruitment Strategy? Benefits of Texting Candidates Texting is simply the most modern way to leverage technology to reach candidates. You can use it to connect with pipelined candidates in real-time, [...]

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Are You Utilizing Email Marketing to Reach out to Candidates?

In the game known as recruiting, without email marketing you may be falling behind. The days of posting a job listing and waiting for candidates to apply are now over. Candidates are both passive even as the job market tightens with increasing competitiveness in almost every job category. As a recruiter, you’re worried that you’ll be able to fulfill job openings quickly enough to keep your hiring managers content. What are you missing? It may be an emphasis on email marketing to bring more candidates to your pipeline. Here’s how to use email marketing to expand your reach. How Can [...]

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Benefits of Paid Sick Leave

It may feel counterintuitive to offer paid sick leave to your employees as a benefit, particularly if you’re a small business owner. Why would you pay an employee that stays home? Interestingly, the United States is one of the few industrialized nations in the world that does not mandate paid sick leave. Why are we falling behind in this area? What is it that businesses in other nations understand about paid sick leave that some U.S. companies do not? While this may seem like a controversial issue, it is really very practical. Here’s why U.S. businesses, no matter their size, [...]

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How Are You Reaching Out to Candidates?

Recruiting is hard these days. Finding talent, particularly in some of the more in-demand professions such as healthcare or IT is incredibly time-consuming. But how do you know you’re using all of the resources available to you? This blog will give you some tips on how to reach more candidates to speed up your time to hire numbers. What Ways Are You Reaching Out to Candidates? Best Candidate Outreach Tips Recruiters and staffing agencies have seen it all in the past two years. Global pandemic. The Great Resignation. Intense demand for new hires. Plus, intense competition for highly skilled talent. [...]

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Are You Rewarding Your Employees? 

Rewarding your employees is the perfect way to motivate them. Yet 82% of U.S. employees report that they don’t feel recognized often enough for their efforts. Rewarding your employees is critical for everything from increasing production to retaining your workforce. Here are some suggestions for how to recognize your teams and support their efforts on the job. What Are The Benefits of Rewarding Your Employees? Why Are Rewards So Rewarding? According to the latest research,79% of employees say that being recognized makes them work harder while 78% say they are more productive after they’ve received the reward. This trend is particularly relevant [...]

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Micromanaging Your Recruiters? Say Goodbye to High Retention

Forbes did a research survey of more than 14,000 people and found only 11% of employees want their bosses to tell them what to do. Honestly, that’s about 10% more than we would have guessed. Micromanaging your employees is something that most leaders would probably recognize as a bad idea. But if the employee is a recruiter, micromanagement is something that simply will not fly. Here’s why. The Negative Impact of Micromanaging Your Recruiting Team Micromanagement makes an employee feel like they can’t make a move without their boss hovering over them. It’s highly demotivating for any employee, but for a [...]

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Finding Passive Candidates in their Natural Habitat

The reality of today’s candidate-driven market is that the new employee you’re trying to find is already employed. The job market today won’t allow you to post an ad and wait for suitable candidates. Your job needs to be finding passive candidates wherever they may be. But where are they? How can you find and engage passive candidates? We have some suggestions. Passive Candidate Search Passive candidates are 120% more likely to make a strong impact at your company. That means these candidates are highly desirable and beneficial to your business. Traditional candidate sourcing, where you simply place an ad, won’t [...]

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The Secret Sauce for Small Business Success

Every entrepreneurial journey is different. But there is one characteristic that every entrepreneur has in common. This trait is the secret sauce that separates those who are brave enough to launch their venture from those that simply dream about it. Confidence is the secret sauce, and it can benefit your business in myriad ways.  How Can Confidence Help Your Business?  Overcoming imposter syndrome is a critical step to launching and sustaining a business. Your vision for business success must overcome any nagging feeling that you aren’t capable of pulling this off. Confidence is a mental health booster that sweeps away [...]

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