Recruiting Software for Advertising and Marketing

To succeed in the world of advertising and marketing, professionals in these fields must command a spectrum of soft skills that aren’t easy to quantify. They must know how to communicate ideas and feelings fluently, interact with others in a productive manner, and navigate artfully through a constantly shifting maze of often poorly defined client expectations. For those who can manage all this, advertising and marketing can be a lucrative career, as these skills are perennially valuable in the business world.

As a recruiter, how can you maximize your chances of attracting qualified talent for these positions? There may be no magic formula for finding strong candidates, but there are helpful tools that can aid you in your recruiting efforts—and one of the most powerful of these is the Exelare applicant tracking system. This versatile recruiting platform comes with a number of labor-saving and performance-enhancing features, such as the following:

Bulk Job Posting – Exelare integrates with major job boards like Monster and CareerBuilder, as well as a wide range of lesser-known services. In fact, you can upload your job postings to your choice from literally hundreds of career websites, including boards for highly specialized positions.

Long-Term Data Storage – Many in-demand marketing professionals jump from one position to another as industry conditions change and their track record gains admirers at competing agencies. That’s why it’s important to retain applicant materials even for passive candidates or others who aren’t currently available. With Exelare’s state-of-the-art data technology, you can do just that—sizable cloud storage capacity lets you save as much as you like for as long as you need it.

Social Media Integration – Today’s marketing pros need to be social media wizards, able to make their way around Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other popular platforms. Exelare includes social media integration that gives you easy access to these sites.

Centralized Communications – How many emails have you sent to your candidate? Who on the team has spoken with them? With Exelare, crossed signals are a thing of the past. It’s easy to organize and track your communications with applicants and other members of your crew.

Exelare gives you the high-tech instruments you need to build healthy client relationships and augment your talent pipeline.