Recruiting Software for the High-Tech Sector

It’s hardly news that the tech industry is in a boom period right now, as a broad spectrum of enterprising companies, from the established giants to the up-and-coming hopefuls, strive to develop a variety of gadgets, devices, and gizmos and bring this new technology into the marketplace for public consumption.

The world of technology is surging ahead at a rapid pace, and there is a widespread demand for skilled professionals who can push an organization to the cutting edge of this highly competitive field. If you’re recruiting high-tech talent, you have to figure out how to snag qualified candidates before someone else does. Make no mistake about it: a good software developer, technical analyst, network architect, or IT manager will not be “between jobs” or seeking employment for long.

Tech agencies and recruiting firms responsible for locating candidates need all the help they can get if they expect to land first-rate industry talent. Exelare’s ATS software gives you the tools you need to manage the recruiting process from initial contact to onboarding. Here’s a brief overview of Exelare’s productivity-enhancing features.

Social Media Integration – Today’s tech professionals know how to make the most of out their social media presence, and as a recruiter you need to be able to make your way around these platforms. That’s why Exelare comes with social media integration, which grants the user a simple way to track promising candidates on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+.

SMS & Text Messaging – Tech professionals rely heavily on texting for fast, convenient messaging. Exelare comes with SMS / text integration so recruiters can send and receive messages with minimal effort.

Candidate Marketing – What if you don’t have a position for a top candidate? Exelare’s candidate marketing tools enable recruiters to promote your talent pipeline to clients and partners.

Easy Job Posting – Exelare gives you the means to post your job listings to well-known sites such as Monster and CareerBuilder, among many others. The software can also be configured to post listings automatically to your own job portal.

KPI Dashboards and Reporting – Generate and analyze a wide array of recruiting data, so users can stay on top of developing trends and events. Data can be exported to Excel and PDF.

Mobile Integration – With Exelare’s mobile apps, you have around-the-clock access to your recruiting data and materials, allowing you to perform a number of key functions even when you’re away from the computer.

You can trust Exelare to provide a full-service platform for all your high-tech recruiting needs.