Recruiting Software for Operations Managers

For many organizations, the role of the operations manager is fundamental in ensuring that the company’s workflows and support processes remain adequately efficient. Their duties can include quality control management, supervising supply chains, and directing the eventual delivery of goods and services to clients. The individual responsible for overseeing these business procedures can keep revenues safely in the black—or plunging into the valley of red.

If you’re a recruiter attempting to find talent skilled at developing operational tactics and business strategies, you need top-notch tools to aid you in your mission. That’s why you need Exelare’s ATS software on your side. Here are just a few of the features that come with this highly advanced software package.

Access to Leading Job Boards – Exelare is integrated with all major job boards—Monster, LinkedIn, CareerBuilder, etc.—and many minor ones. It’s easy to search for candidates, post ads in bulk, and perform other related functions.

Mobile Software Apps – It doesn’t matter whether you prefer to use an iPhone or an Android, our powerful apps have been specially configured to provide you with ready access to your data, from wherever you happen to be. You can also sync your office calendar to ensure you’re always in the loop.

Customizable Job Portal – Maintain an easy-to-use mobile-friendly job portal for your applicants. Flexible APIs and CSS tools supply you with everything you need to create the best possible application portal.

Comprehensive Status Tracking – You and your team will always know where a given candidate stands in the hiring pipeline, whether they’ve just been contacted or poised to begin the onboarding process. Ownership tracking means you’ll also know who on the team is responsible for whom.

Exelare’s applicant tracking software is the high-tech help every recruiter needs to locate and attract first-rate operations managers and professionals in similar positions.