Resume Parsing Simplifies the Search Process

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Separate important data from irrelevant information.

Resumes come in all shapes and sizes. Not only do job applicants use different typefaces, they also have different ways of expressing the same idea. One candidate may explain their job experience in a well-written paragraph. Another may use succinct bullet points. One may use the abbreviation MD to mean “Medical Doctor.” Another may use it to mean “Maryland.” While it’s easy enough for the human brain to make sense of such context-based information, the lack of uniformity can pose problems for computers. That, in turn, makes it difficult for recruiters to conduct simple searches to find specific qualifications. In order to break this infinite variety into simple, accessible data, recruiters must parse resumes for relevant information.

Resume Parsing Software: The Most Efficient Solution

Use advanced software to turn text into searchable data.

Resume parsing, also known as CV parsing, can be a tedious and time-consuming process if done manually. Asking candidates to input data into discrete fields after they have already submitted their resume puts an unnecessary obstacle in their path, and may discourage qualified applicants. Asking recruiters to perform the task wastes valuable time and resources. To solve the problem, recruiting agencies are turning to resume parsing software that converts free-form text into raw data that computers can easily interpret and humans can effortlessly search.

A Comprehensive Resume Parsing Solution

Let Exelare do the hard work for you.

Exelare’s applicant tracking system will parse resume documents for you. No matter what format a resume happens to be in, no matter how conventional or unconventional, Exelare’s advanced resume parsing software can break it down into manageable pieces. The process is easy and straightforward: Simply grab a resume from anywhere—computer folders, emails, job boards, websites, social media platforms—and Exelare will deliver structured data in XML format. Once you have what you need in the appropriate format, you’ll be able to store, investigate, and manipulate the information with minimal hassle.

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Resume Search Made Easy

Find what you need, when you need it.

There’s no point in collecting dozens or even hundreds of resumes if you can’t search through them quickly and easily. That’s where resume parsing comes in. Once Exelare’s program creates structured data, recruiters can then organize the information and search for relevant keywords using either regular terms or Boolean strings. That means recruiters can find exactly what they need—contact details, work experience, skills, education, references, achievements, publications, licenses, certifications, awards, security clearances, etc.—exactly when they need it. That makes finding, tracking, and selecting job candidates easier than ever.

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