Individually Suited To Your Role


For Recruiters

Building & Managing call lists, tracking candidate pipelines, automation of mundane tasks, effortless email marketing, mobile access.  Just a few of the many features that help recruiters work smarter and facilitate more placements.

For Managers

Quickly assess Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) across individuals, teams or divisions.  Always know what happened, when it happened, and by whom on your team.  Never spend time second guessing the numbers or manually counting.

For Sourcers

Exelare acts as your central hub for everything sourcing.  With support for hundreds of resume boards, open web search & more, you won't need to look anywhere else for new candidates.  Import candidate profiles one or many at a time from a variety of formats and online resources.

For Administrators

With over 60+ User Permissions "out of the box" and an entire suite of customization tools at your fingertips, being a software administrator has never been easier.  Exelare was built with administrators in mind so you can support the needs of your organization without hassles.

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What our clients are saying about Exelare

The Team at cBizSoft has an intense commitment to their product as well as to their customer base.  The level of customization available is tremendous, and if the system won’t do something that you need right out of the box, all you have to do is ask, and they make it happen, without “nickel-and-diming” you along the way. Without a doubt, I highly recommend both the product and team at Exelare.

Jason Wickline

As a high-volume office, simplicity and efficiency is absolutely critical to our success and productivity. New Recruiters I hire adapt to Exelare quickly, and the number of “clicks” to navigate any activity is very few. The outlook integration is the best I have seen. Customer service/technical support is always fast to respond.  I know the Exelare team values my business regardless of how big my account is which makes a big difference.

Victoria Epstein

I’ve been using Exelare on a daily basis for the past 5 months now.  The ease of use and total functionality is everything I had hoped it would be when I signed up.  Whenever I have trouble understanding a specific feature,  the customer support team quickly addresses my concern within 30 minutes of my request.   The software is extremely well designed and very user friendly.  Thanks again for making such a wonderful product!

Mike Brown