Customer Information & Privacy

cBizSoft does not collect the following information, directly or indirectly, by any of its products (including, but not limited to, cBizOne, cBizBar, SourceFirst, Exelare)

  • Contact data stored in Customer databases.
  • Candidate data stored in Customer databases. Candidate resumes.
  • Requirements data stored in Customer database s
  • Any data from EMails Sent.
  • Any data from EMails Received.
  • Any other data, except the following given below.

cBizSoft does collect the following data only for supporting, marketing and licensing of its products.

  • User’s Name.
  • User’s Company Name.
  • User’s Phone number.
  • User’s EMail address.

cBizSoft’s hosting solution includes:

  • Daily backups
  • Monthly offsite backups
  • Redundant servers in two data centers
  • Disaster recovery services
  • 99% uptime guarantee

Customer may request their data at any time, provided Customer account is current.  Any outstanding balances must be paid for Customer to receive their data.

In the event that cBizSoft should go out of business or at any time at the request of Customer, a complete export of all of Customer’s data and resumes will be sent to them in a timely fashion (within 5 business days of requesting an export).  All data will be in an industry standard open format.  There will be no charge for exporting and sending Customer their data and resumes.