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An applicant tracking system can provide recruiters with a wide variety of powerful tools for managing candidates at every stage of the hiring process—from the initial contact to the first day of employment. You can send emails, store resumes, create candidate lists, and carry out a number of other key functions, all under the umbrella of a single ATS software platform.

To get the most out of an ATS, however, recruiters should be able to rely on it to help them understand which aspects of the hiring process are working properly and which aspects need to be improved upon. That’s why ATS reporting is so useful. By generating ATS reports, you can access a treasure trove of data that can substantially enhance your effectiveness as a recruiter.

Applicant tracking reporting provides a number of potential benefits:

Accurate Tracking of Hiring Sources – These days, there are multiple avenues available to recruiters who need to find candidates: social media, job fairs, career message boards, and more. Given the plethora of choices out there, and the need to divide one’s efforts among various channels, it can be difficult to determine which sources provide the best return on investment. Exelare can address this issue.

Accurate Tracking of Hiring Timelines – As a recruiter, you need to be able to find qualified candidates and present them to your client within a reasonable timeframe. In some cases, you must achieve this in an unreasonable timeframe, as clients sometimes need to hire someone immediately. With Exelare, you can view the entire hiring timeline, which helps to make the process more efficient.

Exelare applicant tracking software gives recruiters the resources and flexibility needed to generate reports for optimizing their workflows and ensuring that goals are met. To find out more about Exelare’s ATS reporting functions and other useful features, request a free demo today.